10 Apparel Brands Who Are Doing it the Smart Way

Fashion is an art and you can’t deny that. But when that art blends with technology, be it in the way it works or is made, the whole process becomes a history. Today we’d like to cover some of these innovative apparel brands that are trying to break the mold with amazing designs. These designs are not only eye-catching but come with varied functionality too.

Bensly Luxury Performance Apparel Collection

Upgrade your every day when you wear the Bensly Luxury Performance Apparel Collection. Each of the garments in this collection brings together thoughtful sustainability, stylish design, and, most importantly, total comfort.

LUNATIVE Electric Apparel

Imagine you could enlighten your jacket whenever you want! Become visible in a magical, appealing and connective way. Lunative — the world’s first real electric apparel. They are a technology company and the first textile brand that combines function, design & lifestyle.

BAUBAX — The World’s Best TRAVEL JACKET with 15 Features

Introducing the BauBax Travel Jacket which is equipped with 15 different features to make it perfect for travelers. These features have everything you need. There’s space to hold each of your devices and accessories. Other features cater to your needs while traveling.

Heated Winter Apparel by The Heat Experience

The vests are padded with Thinsulate insulation, one of the most experienced suppliers of insulation in the world. Thinsulate provides optimal wick abilities. In the sides we have strategically placed mesh materials to provide good breathability — just to make sure garment doesn’t feel “clammy” even though it supplies heat.

SPIRITUS Proformance Advanced Infrared Activewear

Slay your workout by getting your hands on the innovative SPIRITUS PROFORMANCE™ advanced silver and infrared active-wear. The collection is engineered to boost energy and stay fresh, so you can meet and exceed your goals. The ground-breaking active-wear line features high-tech fabric, using XT2 silver and Celliant infrared technology.

The Undress — Change Clothes in Public

Changing clothes in public won’t be much of a hassle for active women anymore with the Undress SPORT. To put in simple words, this is the world’s first dress for all active women out there. It will help you change clothes anywhere without ever being naked. No more uncomfortable towel changes or public toilet distress!

Lalabu Babywearing Dad Shirt

Become the dad of the year with the Lalabu Babywearing Dad Shirt. Fashionable and comfortable, this shirt brings you closer to your baby than ever before. The Dad Shirt features a built-in pocket in the front. Designed for very new dads, your newborn slides right into the pocket just like a joey and a kangaroo.

Future of Custom Shirts Using 3D Tailoring Technology

Crisp Clothing offers handcrafted, premium quality shirts that are totally customized for you. Their 3D tailoring technology uses AI and machine learning algorithms to accurately calculate your body measurements by referencing just your height and weight, no tape measure required. It’s time to say goodbye to S/M/L, the future of custom shirts is here.

Citee Map T-Shirts

Citee is a collection of t-shirts printed with maps from all over the world. Each Citee is individually made to order, and carries a highly detailed printed all over the front of American Apparel’s super-soft, 100% polyester t-shirts.

CEAM — Water-Repellent Oxford Shirt Collection

CEAM brings the latest nanotechnology to fashion. CEAM is a brand for anyone of any gender who loves “simplicity and innovation.” This collection is made with an invisible microscopic layer that encapsulates cotton fibers and forms a protective coating that repels liquids, maintaining the softness one loves about cotton.

For more such innovative apparel brands, keep checking our thread here.

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