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10 Crowdfunding Deals You Must Check Now

Those of you who are regular users of our platform will know that we do feature a lot of crowdfunding campaigns. We just admire the innovation in that section of fundraising. Here are some of our recent favorites who are also offering special deals for Gadget Flow members. Go grab them now.

Momentum 360 Centrifugal Hand Spinner

Occupy your hands and ease your mind with the Momentum 360 Centrifugal Hand Spinner. This high-quality gadget allows for multiple options to keep your idle hands busy. The Momentum 360 features a durable aluminum structure.

Deal: Get Momentum 360º + Leather Case For $29

Swizz Interchangeable Swiss Watch Collection

Channel your inner style with the Swizz Interchangeable Swiss Watch Collection. These watches combine superb Swiss functionality with the ability to express yourself right on your wrist. The Swizz Watches all feature a precise Swiss Ronda movement as well as a stainless steel case.

Deal: Get 10% Off and 3 Extra Straps

MKC Slim Everyday Carry Wallet

Hold more and carry less when you have the MKC Slim Everyday Carry Wallet. This all-leather wallet has a spot for everything including your money, keys, and cards. The MKC Wallet is modern yet highly function. The key storage section aligns your keys horizontally yet separately. With this, it eliminates jingling keys and scratches.

Deal: Get 15% Off Accessories!

Stereo Puzzle DIY Wood Speaker

Add some personality to your audio with the Stereo Puzzle DIY Wood Speaker. This kit comes with everything you need to assemble your very own speaker. This high-quality system breaks the mold of what a sound system looks like.

Deal : Get it today with 38% Off

Quilted Koala Metallic Backpack

Combine your love for fashion and high functionality with the Quilted Koala Metallic Backpack. Unlike traditional boring bags, these modern backpacks offer some serious style. Of course, a high-quality backpack has to have functionality for your every day. The Quilted Koala Backpacks are super lightweight to never weigh you down.

Deal: Get Access To The Camo Duffel Secret Perk!

Rigiet Advanced Camera Stabilizer

Take the perfect shot every time when you use the Rigiet Advanced Camera Stabilizer. Compatible with your smartphone as well as your GoPro, this mounting system keeps your device steady. Whether you’re creating panorama captures or time-lapse videos, the Rigiet makes it easy.

Deal : Get a Free Mini Tripod

Sediment Capturing Wine Glasses

Enjoy every last sip of your favorite vino with the premium, hand-crafted Spirale Sediment Capturing Wine Glasses by Vacanti Wine Glasses. This innovative wine glass enhances the flavor of your wine. At the bottom of the bowl is a patented 1-inch spiral. As you pour, the wine’s natural sediments gather in the spiral.

Deal: Get a 2-Pack for $45 or a 4-pack for $80

PupilBox Vision Protection for the Digitally Addicted

Give your eyes the break they need with the PupilBox Blue Light Protection System. This box has everything you need to rejuvenate your eyes from the harms of Digital Eye Strain. Inside is a pair of blue light filtering glasses.

Deal: Get 10% Off

BOOSTwear Full-Busted Loungewear

Give yourself some support with the BOOSTwear Full-Busted Loungewear. This line of loungewear and intimates gives total, all-over support for those with a larger chest size. Whether you’re sleeping or going about your day, the BOOSTwear Loungewear keeps you comfy. The secret to the comfort lies in the design.

Deal: Get 10% Off

Trooz Women’s Sports Cleats

She shoots, she scores! Give your feet the cleats they deserve with the Trooz Women’s Sports Cleats. Whereas most cleats are made for men and then scaled down, Trooz is made for female feet. This means you get the best combination of comfort and performance.

Deal: Get $15 Off on Pledges Above $159

For more updates on the latest crowdfunding deals, check our collection here.



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