10 Gadgets to Improve Your Focus At Work and More

Have you ever felt tired at work after undergoing few days of continuous work load? We all do. And it’s quite natural to feel that way. But what’s not natural is if you subdue to that stress and lose your concentration over time. The more you focus, the better it is for your ultimate work-life balance. Take a look at these unusual gadgets that are made to make your life more productive!

Variable balans Ergonomic Desk Chair

Give your body a break with the Variable balans Ergonomic Desk Chair. Available with a black frame and a black fabric seat, this chair is designed to let your body move and flow as it naturally should. The Variable balans has slightly curved legs, similar to a rocking chair, to allow you to sit and stretch however you need while at your desk.


The only smart wearable posture trainer recommended by physicians and chiropractors with proven success to decrease back pain and increase productivity. Short term training, with long term results; by training with Upright only 15–60 minutes a day, you will have improved core strength & muscle memory to maintain a lifelong habit of good posture.Personal training program and 24/7 in app customer care team keeps you motivated to train consistently, meet your goals and decrease back pain with good posture.

Stir Kinetic Desk

Desks are more than just furniture. They are where problems are solved, ideas are created, and businesses are built. Desks are one of the most important places in the world. That’s what led to the creation of the Stir Kinetic Desk. No desk is more advanced, or more effective, than a Stir Kinetic Desk. And it comes with proof. To create the best workforce for your company, get them Stir Kinetic Desks.

Fidget Cube — A Vinyl Desk Toy

Do you find yourself clicking pens or playing with paperclips far too often? Invest in the Fidget Desk Toy to keep your mind on track. Each of the six sides of this cube has a different action or activity for the user to keep your restless hands occupied. The Fidget Cube includes a dial for spinning, buttons for clicking, a joystick for gliding, a switch for flipping, a worry-stone inspired crevice, and gears for rolling all to keep yourself busy when you can’t sit still.

EnergyPod Napping Chair by MetroNaps

Ever wish you had your little haven for a catnap at work? Well, now you do. Introducing the EnergyPod Napping Chair by MetroNaps. This incredible chair was made for one purpose: 20-minute power naps. Looking futuristic with its domed top, this chair features a chaise lounge-style seat so you can put your feet up to relax. The spherical cover of the EnergyPod serves as a privacy visor that elegantly flips down to conceal your body.

Altwork Station — The New Way to Work

Redefine how you sit at your desk and access your computer with the Altwork Station, the new way to work. Encouraging productivity with a comfortable and health-conscious workstation, Altwork is a mechanical desk. The entire workstation is flexible and moves fluidly through four key positions, such as standing, sitting, and reclining, for continuous comfort. Rather than hunching over to reach your laptop, Altwork brings it to you with a push of a button. Good posture fosters productivity and creativity and Altwork, complete with head and foot rests, makes your 8-hour day at your computer a breeze.

Saent — Be Less Distracted

Instantly focus, block out distractions and develop better work habits. The world’s first smart device and software designed to make you more productive and do great work. Pressing the Saent button starts a focused work session. Instantly block out distractions, find your optimal work rhythm and build better work habits. Billions of web pages. Thousands of cable television channels. A never-ending stream of social media messages.

SoundNova — A Futuristic Interactive Chair

SoundNova is a new level of virtual entertainment. It is a unique chair; that consists of 8 vibrating points, which can be controlled by the corresponding mobile app. Imagine the richness of sounds and vibrations, all the blasts, and explosions, the sound of the wind, the speed of racing cars, the dynamics of sword fights — you can now experience all of that in real time with SoundNova. The System consists of two parts — the Application and the Real-Time Multi-vibration Controller.

Loctek D7A+X1 Swivel Monitor Mount

Increase your productivity by putting your screen where you need it with the Loctek D7A+X1 Swivel Monitor Mount. Fitting a computer monitor from 10 to 27 inches, this monitor mount also has a bracket for tablets from 7 to 12 inches. The Loctek Swivel Monitor Mount has three joints throughout the arm that can all be adjusted to place your screens precisely in the most ergonomic position.

Brilliance Two-In-One Monitor by Philips

Want to increase your productivity at work? Try clearing up your desktop and placing this Brilliance Two-In-One Monitor by Philips. It comes with an ultra-thin border and works as a beautiful merger of two displays into one large one. The two-in-one design will help you enhance your work productivity with the edge-to-edge glass and narrow border making the appearance of the display even better.

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