10 High-Capacity Power Banks for Your Outdoor Life

We hate when our phone batteries die on the road. We are sure every smartphone owner feels the same. This is why you need a power bank in your bag or pocket. One that can keep your phone charged up for long hours every day. Here are some of the best high-capacity power banks that can keep your phones charged up not just once but many times.

Vinsic Terminator P3 20000mAh Power Bank

This VINSIC 20000 mAh Ultra-slim Power Bank is designed with two Smart USB output ports. It will help to solve the low power problem quickly and effectively for your digital device while traveling out. With such high capacity, in such a compact package, it is perfect for traveling, business trips, or just anytime you’re away from an outlet.

Survivor Backup Battery by Griffin Technology

Start saying “yes!” to every adventure and rest assured you’ve got some backup with the Survivor Backup Battery by Griffin Technology. Designed for your smartphone and tablet, this ruggedly engineered necessity can take anything life throws its way. The Survivor Backup Battery holds enough power to charge an iPhone 6 Plus three times over or a full charge for an iPad Air 2.

iWalk Scorpion Ultra Slim Power Bank

Still bothered by various cables? No worries! iWALK Scorpion8000backup battery is coming! with built-in lightning, Micro USB and recharging cables, you can recharge scorpion and charge most devices without Carrying any cables. Built-in three cables MFI certified by apple with pass-through technology can operate as one complete charging cable. USB port can accommodate any type of USB-charging cable — not only Micro USB or Lightning but also Type C cables.

Verdict. Juniper Power Bank

Power up any and all of your devices on the go with the Verdict. Juniper Power Bank. Complete with a built in 10000 mAh power source, this bank has a stunning designed. The exterior has a gray textured fabric finish and the gadget comes in a beautiful oval shape. Though it resembles a river stone or rock, it’s loaded up with power and convenience.

AMPY MOVE — The World’s First Wearable Motion Charger

Get up, get moving, and charge your devices with AMPY MOVE, the world’s first wearable motion charger. It’s an ultra portable battery that can charge your device with your body’s movement. Using inductor technology, this clever charger turns kinetic energy into a power source for smartphones and wearables.

HP Powerup Backpack

From HP Laptops with up to 17.3″ diagonal screen size to a tablet as well as a smartphone, the HP Powerup backpack is capable of giving your devices a quick power boost up on the go. By using the priority power feature, you can control the order in which your devices charge. To add to this is the built-in heat sensor that monitors backpack temperature and adjusts accordingly. Apart from this, the backpack meets security requirements for in-flight carry-ons too.

Nomad — The Wallet with a Built-In Battery

Simplify your life by combining two daily necessities with Nomad, the wallet with a built-in battery. The classic and traditional design of the wallet is both minimalist and convenient, perfect for anyone. Inside is a compact lithium-ion battery capable of charging your iPhone 6S from zero to 100% all in one go.

GoPlug Powered Bag with Built-In Ports

Travel with power with the GoPlug Powered Bag with built-in ports. To use, simply attach the included solar panel to the bag with the integrated carabiners and plug it into the power bank. As it collects energy, it recharges the power bank providing a never-ending supply of power no matter where you go. The mighty lithium polymer battery can store enough energy to fully charge a smartphone 18 times over.

Omnicharge Portable Power Bank

Charge up and charge fast with the Omnicharge Portable Power Bank. Equipped with an AC/DC power outlet as well as two super fast USB charging ports, this small yet mighty device can top up all of your devices at lightning speed be it your tablet, laptop, TV, or DSLR. Super smart, the Omnicharge Portable Power Bank is not only able to detect which device is plugged in and determine the optimal charge capacity for each device, but it can also do this for simultaneously charging devices.

AirScale Portable Luggage Scale

Never pay for heavy baggage fees again when you have the AirScale Portable Luggage Scale. Small enough to be packed with you, this handy device can easily and accurately weigh your suitcases, bags, and luggage so you can determine if they fall into airline regulation sizes. The AirScale Luggage Scale can calibrate weight up to an incredible 40kg (~88 lbs).

Romoss — The Powerful Charger Station for Sharing Batteries

Say goodbye to dead batteries forever with Romoss — the 100 watt charger station for sharing batteries. It is a compact design utilizing always-ready, high capacity, portable power banks. So you get to provide your devices with portable backup power in a quick and reliable way. With Romoss there, you won’t be forced to connect your valuable smartphone to a crowded, overloaded and unsafe power source anymore.

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