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10 iPhone Cases You Have Never Seen Before

While iPhone cases are being released every day, it becomes difficult to grab something out of the box for your phone. So, we just went on a hunt and discovered some of the coolest and most unique iPhone cases you have probably not seen before. Make this Sunday a bit more iPhone-like with these cool cases. Take a look:

SHIFTCAM iPhone 7 Plus Camera Lens Case

Get the most out of the dual lenses on your iPhone 7 Plus with the SHIFTCAM Camera Lens Case. Rugged by design, this case has 6 lenses that add new perspectives to your iPhone photography. You can quickly switch between telephoto, wide-angle, fisheye and macro using the built-in slide and snap mechanism.

Organika Roses iPhone case by MMORE

Make your iPhone look fresh and smell beautiful at the same time with the Organika Roses iPhone case by MMORE. These cases are made from natural handpicked materials. Additionally, they emanate a pleasant scent of roses which makes this case one of a kind.

WinterCase Hand Warming Smartphone Case

Beat the cold this winter with the WinterCase Hand Warming Smartphone Case. The WinterCase makes holding and using your device more enjoyable no matter how low the temperatures. Additionally, it makes taking calls in sub-zero temperatures super easy. Offering protection on all sides, this device actually heats to warm up your hands for three hours.

Nero Marquina Marble iPhone Case

Surround yourself, and your smartphone, in luxury with the Nero Marquina Marble iPhone Case from Roxxlyn. Available for the iPhone 7/7 Plus as well as the iPhone 6/6S and the iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus, this stunning protective case is handcrafted from genuine Nero Marquina marble that has been mined and extract in Spain.

mophie iPhone 7 Charge Force Battery Case

Charge up anywhere you go with the mophie iPhone 7 Charge Force Battery Case. This ultra slick case is totally wrapped in leather. In addition to protecting your case, this smart case also keeps your device going. With a built-in charging system, the Charge Force Case offers effortlessly wireless charging anywhere.

HandL iPhone 7 Gripless Case

Hold your smartphone with confidence with the HandL iPhone 7 Gripless Case. In addition to protection for your device, this case keeps you from dropping your beloved iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. The HandL Case creates an organic extension of your hand to your iPhone. On the back is a patented elastic brace system.

Eye AMOLED Display iPhone Case

Reinvent your smartphone with the Eye AMOLED Display iPhone Case. Offering a full 5-inch FHD AMOLED display, you can view your media like never before. In addition, it’s complete with an SD card slot so you can expand your on-board storage up to 256GB. The Eye Case also includes two extra SIM card slots for easy switching.

Moment iPhone 7 Camera Cases

Expedite your iPhoneography with the Moment iPhone 7 Camera Cases. Available in two versions, these cases allow you to swap lenses in just seconds. This line features the Moment Battery Case and the Moment Photo Case. Compatible with all Moment lenses, simply rotate and click the lens into place for rapid switching.

moshi IonSuit iPhone Battery Case

Ramp up your power without the bulk with the moshi IonSuit iPhone Battery Case. This case has a unique two-piece design that allows for effortless functionality. You can choose to have all-over protection, extra battery, or both.

Anti Gravity iPhone Back Case

Watching those YouTube videos while you shave or catching up with a video call on the go just got easier with this Anti-Gravity iPhone Cover. It’s a case that allows you to attach your iPhone to any surface. As a matter of fact, the case does not let your iPhone fall off too easily. In fact, it will allow you to use your iPhone in a whole new way.

For more such iPhone 7 Cases, check our collection here.



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