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10 Luxurious devices to totally upgrade your home

Originally published at Gadget Flow on April 11, 2019.

  • What are some of the best luxury speakers? True music lovers know the difference between a simple Bluetooth speaker and one designed to blow you away.
  • Do you really need to spend $6000 on a smart toilet? Every inch of our lives is getting an intelligent redesign. With everything automated, a smart bathroom seems like the next logical step.
  • Where can I find more luxurious products? We’ve got a category of high-quality luxurious gadgets that you’ll love. Explore more right here.

When it comes to new gadgets and technology, who doesn’t love a bit of window shopping? Sure, we’d all love to be on the next Virgin Galactic flight and own the latest Tesla, but, for most of us, these are all just distant dreams.

Likewise, there are plenty of luxurious devices that you can add to your home but they’re probably just out of your pocket’s reach. If you love imagining what you could have but most likely never would have, we’ve made this drool-worthy list just for you. Their price tags may keep them out of reach, but it doesn’t mean you can’t dream.

Bang & Olufsen Beovision Harmony Television

Say hello to a new type of television

The Bang & Olufsen Beovision Harmony Television will change your TV-watching experience. Recently unveiled at Milan Design Week, this is more than a television. The Beovision Harmony TV is a piece of art. Adding it to your home media setup will improve the aesthetic of your home and certainly give you and your guests something to talk about.

Price: $20860.70

Hydrow Connected Rowing Machine

Experience an all-over workout right from home

Complete with a built-in display, Hydro lets you connect to four different experiences. You can choose to broadcast live from instructors rowing in the water or in a studio. Or, you can access pre-recorded river and studio rowing sessions 24/7. If you need to relax a bit, you can access serene river rows complete with running water and birds.

Price: $1999

DEEPTIME Spirula 3D Printed Sand Speakers

This device is 3D printed from silica sand

Utilizing innovative design software, this device is 3D printed from silica sand. The Spirula speaker comes with a speaker driver with exceptional performance. Featuring an ergonomically calculated angle, the 3D printed sand speaker aims the music straight to your ears. In fact, you can place the speakers wherever you like for the speaker to work its magic.

Price: $1013.71

Octane Turbo XL700 Premium Home Theater Seating

Made with gel infused memory foam

Providing large seats, this furniture offers a premium seating experience that makes you feel like you are in the theaters. Made with gel infused memory foam, the Turbo XL700 seating guarantees you feel comfortable and relaxed whenever you sit in it. Similarly, the 1.8 high-density foam core is durable enough to stand a lifetime of use.

Price: $1947

Laundroid Laundry Folding Robot

Let a robot fold your laundry for you

With a stunning design and sleek mirrored finish, Laundroid looks great in most homes. But what’s more important than its appearance is what the Laundroid can do. By using multiple robotic arms, Laundroid picks up your clothes and scans them with cameras. It then connects to a server via WiFi that uses AI to analyze the item. Using this information, Laundroid determines the best way to handle the piece. It even knows where it should hold it and how to fold it.

Price: $16000

Rlon L3 Interactive Table Lamp

Add an inviting and entertaining light to your home

This modern desk lamp features a metallic sphere that doubles as the on/off switch. To control the L3 lamp, simply place the metal sphere in different magnetic fields on the black monolith. Likewise, shifting the sphere towards the light causes the ring to illuminate while shifting it away turns it off.

Price: $1354.25

HP OMEN X Emperium 65 Gaming Monitor

It offers visual technology to enhance any game

Featuring 4K UHD resolution and HDR-1000 visuals, this device takes over your senses for an immersive gaming experience. Additionally, with its 65-inch diagonal screen, the OMEN X Emperium 65 offers visual technology to enhance any game. Complete with 384 zones of backlight, DCI-P3 color gamut and numerous quantum dots, the monitor delivers striking color and realistic contrast.

Price: $4999.99

Panasonic Alpha Luxury Washing Machine

Upgrade the way you perform your household chores

Featuring a luxurious appearance, this washing machine is the result of a collaboration between Panasonic and Studio F.A. Porsche. Combining innovative design and high-quality components, the Alpha Washing Machine comes with a brushed stainless steel body. In addition, the device comes with a beautiful TFT touchscreen display.

Price: $1930

Beosound Edge Wireless Multiroom Speaker

Listen to powerfully dynamic audio in your own home

Featuring a user-friendly design, this speaker combines audio clarity and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, the Beosound Edge allows you to control the sound level by rolling the speaker back and forth. You can even adjust the volume in this way when it is placed on a wall mount. Moreover, the touch-sensitive aluminum interface activates when you move closer to the speaker, turning on its proximity sensors.

Price: $3500

Pulse 160 LED Jellyfish Aquarium

Bring your love for nature into your home

With an authoritative size, you can fit a variety of jellyfish of different sizes and species. The Pulse 160 actually has a volume of 46 gallons so it really makes a statement in any space. However, this isn’t your average aquarium. The Pulse 160 Aquarium uses a state-of-the-art flow and filtration system. It’s all built-in so there are no protruding parts.

Price: $3299



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