10 Music Gadgets That Are a Perfect Stress-buster

Music can truly help you be calm and peaceful at the end of a tiring day. Only if you have the right gadgets by your side. By right, we mean the right music gadgets that bridge the gap between good quality music and what you get to hear. These are some of the best ones to go for as of now:

Freedrum Portable Drum Kit

Take your beat creations on the go with the Freedrum Portable Drum Kit. Simply place the powerful sensors on your drumsticks and pair them with your smartphone. Requiring no internet connection and using a rechargeable battery that will last a week, you can hear every beat just as if it were a real drum kit. To complete a true drumming experience, you can also place a sensor on each foot to have access to even more sounds.

Konohazuk H3 Headphones

Introducing the Konohazuk H3 Headphones, a pair made with the finest quality Japanese materials. Combining handcrafting expertise and natural elements, these headphones are comfortable for all day wear. Crafted from Japanese beech wood, each pair of the H3 Headphones is totally unique with its own wood grain pattern. The wood is used for the flexible yet strong headband as well as for the ear cups which house an enhanced 40mm speaker driver.

BLOCKS Modular Music Studio by Roli

Become a master of music with the BLOCKS Modular Music Studio by Roli. Requiring just your creativity, this incredible device allows you to create, adjust, and produce music organically through intuitive gestures. The touch-sensitive playing surface features a large variety of sounds and effects for you to create no matter what your music tastes. BLOCKS connects to NOISE, the Roli app for iOS, so you can hear every beat in real time.

Takkon TK-500 — The Solution To Snoring

The new device TK-500 does not remove the snoring; it removes its annoying noise. Due to the fact that snoring could be a delicate problem, which requires a medical intervention, it is convenient for the snorer to gather information and to visit a doctor in order to dismiss any kind of sleep apnea, since this is the most dangerous way of snoring. TK-500 has been created for the snorer’s partner, which is who actually suffers the most. This device is designed and created to mitigate the snoring sound.

AirMode — Transforms Wired Headphones Into Wireless

At last, there is a stylish and affordable way to switch your wired headphones into a great pair of wireless headphones. AirMode delivers all the same features that a premium wireless headphone as well as giving you the ability to use your current wired pair. Incorporating AAC, aptX, and Bluetooth 4.1 wireless technology, these premium cables can deliver the very best in portable HiFi sound while giving you full control over your music and calls from up to 10 meters away.

GameON Earphones from Atari by ROAM

Introducing the GameON Headphones from Atari, by ROAM. They wanted their first co-branded project with Atari to not only be sensational but SIMPLE at the same time. An easy-to-use product that is classic, but comes with an undeniably modern look (brushed titanium parts) and sound (dynamic balanced armature drivers). Not only does each pair of GameON earphones deliver unprecedented sound quality in a sub-$200 in-ear headphone — but it does so in a way that’s easy to understand, and even easier to use.

OTO — Touch The Shape Of Sound

OTO is a geometric musical controller that lets you touch the shape of sound. Play synths, control a DAW, generate visuals, and more. Sonic Geometry makes geometrically intuitive audiovisual controllers. Their aim is to make products that tactilize the relationship between tonal and geometric structures in a way that is both intuitive and profound. OTO comes from the Japanese oto-no-katachi, which translates roughly in English to the shape of sound.

Mymanu CLIK-Truly Wireless Earbuds With Voice Translation

CLIK is one of the truly proven wireless earbuds that translate your voice in real-time with advanced audio quality. The CLIK is set to revolutionize how we communicate, allowing the wearer to interact with others in different languages, both locally and over a long distance range. With the ground-breaking ability to translate 37 languages in real-time, these earbuds are a pioneering industry first — there’s nothing out there quite like it.

Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones

Eliminate the noise of everyday life and enjoy the crisp clarity of your favorite artists with iLive Platinum’s Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones (IAHP86B). Free from distraction and wires, you’ll feel like you’re in the studio with the bands you love. Control your music and phone calls (up to 33ft away) with on-ear controls without ever reaching for your paired device. Don’t have a Bluetooth device? No problem.

Sony Premium Walkman with High-Resolution Audio

Experience the combination of sophisticated sound technology with beautifully crafted, high-grade materials by using the Sony Premium Walkman with High-Resolution Audio. It’s the use of copper that lends the player its unique natural, acoustic sound. The super conductivity and raw strength reinforce the Walkman with unrivalled audio performance.

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