10 Products to Keep You Organized in Your Daily Life

No matter where you work, at home or at office, it’s essential for you to stay organized. The more organized you are, the more productive you will be in your life. Here are some of the best products you can use to be more organized in your daily life. From cord organizers to iMac storage shelf, the list comes with some of the most coolest and unusual organization products.

Shinola Power Supply Extension Power System

Get power anywhere in your home with the Shinola Power Supply Extension Power System. Made in partnership with GE, this cable uses durable yet attractive materials to blend both function and form. Inside a die-cast metal enclosure are five outlets to plug in any and every appliance you need. The final portion of the Power Supply System features dual USB ports to instantly connect and charge your devices.

FLOAT Shelf for iMac and Apple Displays

Declutter your desktop with the largest, strongest, most elegant, and easiest to attach shelf for iMacs and Apple displays. The Float Shelf is the ultimate, and most fun, shelf for all iMacs and Apple Displays, both Cinema and Thunderbolt. With this shelf, you can keep items of inspiration close at hand and keep your work desk clean at the same time. The Float Shelf’s patented, bracketless design lets the shelf slide easily into position, then just geometry and gravity hold the shelf solidly and securely in place.

The Cord-ganizer for iPhones by Kiko

Avoid the panic and embarrassing experience of asking around for a charging cord when your phone battery is about to expire. The Cord-ganizer hooks around your square iPhone outlet charge box, and the accompanying cord nestles easily into the attached loop for organized access to your charging cord when you need it most!

BetterBasket General Purpose Utility Basket

The BetterBasket family of products are super-sturdy all-fabric mesh utility baskets that can serve a myriad of end uses including laundry, shopping, travel, picnics, sports, pool, beach, fishing, camping, RV, office and more! These baskets come with a very large capacity, and you can choose the models that best suit your needs. The strong strap handles allow one-hand carry for comfort and safety.

CLOZE Basket — Reconfigurable Laundry Basket

CLOZE basket is a reconfigurable laundry basket that has been designed to change the way you tackle laundry forever. From collecting the clothes that need a wash to stacking them up neatly in separate piles and then handing them over to the respective family member, CLOZE ensures to ease up the whole process of laundry distribution at home. The baskets come with a folding base that allows the layers to act as separate compartments for organizing and sorting your laundry.

Bluelounge CableDrop Cable Tidy

Rid your desk of the clutter once and for all with the Bluelounge CableDrop Cable Tidy. This simple yet imperative system provides perfectly sized slots to neatly hang your cables. Easily and securely attaching to your wall, desk, or filing cabinet with a strong adhesive, the CableDrop features four total slots for your cables.

Cableyoyo By Bluelounge

Cableyoyo is an earbud cord spool with a magnetic center to keep earphones tidy and tangle-free while enabling quick winding and unwinding. Can also be used for small cables. In celebration of Bluelounge’s 10th Anniversary it is re-launching its very first product, Cableyoyo. A decade ago, Dominic Symons set out to design solutions for everyday problems focusing on how to rid spaces of unruly cables, thus creating the original Cableyoyo.

Bento 4-Port USB Charger by emie

Forgo the mess on your desk with the Bento 4-Port USB Charger by emie. Creating a simple and neat way to store and access your cables, this charger keeps your desk clean and tidy. Connecting to your laptop or desktop via the included USB cable, the Bento Charger provides a durable plastic square box to house for USB ports.

CableBin Cable Manager by Bluelounge

Complete with a sophisticated wood grain pattern on the exterior, this handy piece of gear has a slit down the side to feed through all of your cables and plugs. Designed to be situated in front of an outlet, the CableBin runs each of your cables through the top cover, so each connector is available when you need it. Best of all, it saves your cables from being trampled or damaged as they are when left out.

Modular Desk Organizer by Monthings

Keep your desk in check with the delightfully minimalist Modular Desk Organizer by Monthings. Complete with a simple design, this tidying set ensures all of your desk accessories are within reach for when you need them. Each piece is made with a sleek white base and black rubber. The Modular Desk Organizer set includes a notes box which can fit Post-It style notes for easy grabbing.

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