10 Smart Gadgets For the Biking Community

If you are a biker, you will agree that there is nothing like the pleasure of a biking trip. You get to travel free and breathe that fresh air and enjoy natural beauty at its best. But biking is not as easy as it sounds. You’ve got to consider a lot of factors while enjoying your ride every day. Here are 10 cool gadgets that will make your daily bike ride safe and super fun at the same time.

Everysight Raptor Cycling Smartglasses

Enhance your cycling skills with pilot level stats in front of you by using the Everysight Raptor Cycling Smartglasses. These glasses look highly traditional that hide Everysight Beam tech in the top bar projecting a transparent display right in your line of sight.

COBI — Smart Connected Biking System

Set forth to experience a whole new biking experience with COBI. The purpose of this biking system is to give you extra powers by connecting your smartphone to your bike. It provides bikes with intelligent assistance that helps in giving you a safer and convenient ride on any trail or bike path.

Bycle Bike Mount and GPS App

Ride safely and confidently anywhere life takes you with the Bycle Bike Mount and GPS App. Available in two models, the S-Mount provides you with the versatile mount while also simultaneously merging the GPS and video recording on your phone.

SmartHalo Smart Biking System

Learning to ride a bike was hard enough. Navigating around your city shouldn’t have to be. With the SmartHalo Smart Biking System, cycling is fun again. Securely locking onto your handlebars with a military-grade system, this device has intuitive navigation to guide you through turn by turn directions wherever you are.

LINKA — World’s First Auto-Unlocking Smart Bike Lock

Lock smarter not harder with LINKA. This bike lock features tamper alerts, auto-unlock, built-in siren, keyless access & more! With LINKA’s revolutionary patent-pending Auto-Unlock feature, you’ll never have to carry a key.

Babaali Smart Helmet

Introducing to whole new form of safety headgear with the Babaali Smart Helmets. The series includes three designs namely the Smart Cycle Helmets, Smart Ski Helmets and Smart Construction Helmets. They use cutting edge technology to improve performance and safety for all.

Siva Atom — The Bicycle USB Charger and Battery Bank

Introducing Siva Atom, the bicycle USB charger and battery bank. Using the power you generate while pedaling on your bike, this clever device converts your momentum into power to charge the battery bank. Working with any USB-enabled device, the Siva Atom easily attaches to the frame and wheel of virtually any bike.

ICEdot Bike Helmet Crash Sensor

Be informed while you ride with the ICEdot Bike Helmet Crash Sensor. Connecting with the app, this smart sensor easily mounts to any helmet and can detect motion as well as changes in force and impact as you ride. With push notifications, the ICEdot Crash Sensor will immediately alert your emergency contacts in the event of a dangerous head impact.

Zackees LED Turn Signal Gloves

Created by a Google Engineer, these Turn Signal Gloves are one of the best ways to increase your visibility and communicate your turning intentions to other vehicles on the road. Zackees Turn Signal Gloves™ features an ambient lights sensor which boosts visibility during the day and extends battery life at night.

Garmin Varia Radar

The world’s first cycling radar, Varia helps create a safer cycling environment by warning cyclists of vehicles approaching from behind up to 153 yards (140 meters). The radar tail light also alerts approaching vehicles of a cyclist ahead.

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