10 Time-Saving Gadgets for a Smarter Lifespan

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Oct 25, 2016 · 5 min read

From washing clothes to cooking your favorite dishes to making a cup of coffee, life is made up of these little tasks that build up your entire day. But, to make your life successful, you need to ensure that you are doing maximum amount of tasks in a minimum timespan. The question here is how can you do the same? Take a look at these 10 time-saving gadgets that can make your everyday tasks easy and hassle-free, thereby saving you time for more.

Joule Sous Vide

Stop under or overcooking your food and get it right every time with the Joule Sous Vide. This device is easily placed in a pot of water to ensure the temperature stays steady throughout the cooking process. Whether you’re looking for the perfect crème brûlée or a steak cooked to perfection, the Joule Sous Vide has got you covered.

The Elicto — Revolutionizing the Way You Clean Your Floors

Designed to exceed the expectations of anyone who loves having a flawless floor, the Elicto can be considered as an innovative wireless mop that will make the daily cleaning process as easy as a breeze. The amazing dual spin mop and polisher with microfiber attachment will clean perfectly on any surface, whether it’s the wooden floors, laminated flooring, tiles, stone, or marble.

Bellini Intelli Kitchen Master By Cedarlane Culinary

The Bellini Kitchen Master by Cedarlane is your best friend in the kitchen! Imagine being able to help the kids with their homework or simply read a magazine with a glass of wine while your Bellini delicately cooks and stirs your custard or stroganoff, requiring absolutely no supervision. This incredible sous-chef is equipped with everything you need to mix, blend, weigh, steam, stir, whip, emulsify, grind, heat, cook, chop and knead your freshest ingredients.

Knocki — Make Any Surface Smart

Imagine turning any surface in your home into a remote control. Be in control of your smart home without having to reach for your phone no need to mess with buttons or switches either, just simple and intuitive control right where you need it. It’s time for technology to feel as natural as the surfaces around us.

PlantAqua — Simple, Safe, Battery Powered Plant Watering

PlantAqua is a small battery powered plant watering system you can make use of while you’re away for a vacation. All that’s required for this device to operate is a set of 4 AA batteries and a water bottle. It will provide a specific dose of water on whatever schedule you set to your plants and can water up to 3 plants at a time. The process is pretty simple — you simply need to fill your water bottle, set timer, set amount of water and press the start button.

June — The Intelligent Oven

Become a master in the kitchen with June, the intelligent oven. This clever appliance is a counter top oven that helps you produce restaurant quality meals. With June, you can bake, roast, broil, toast, and more, all from this compact unit. After loading your food into the spacious interior, June’s HD camera and built-in scale will identify your food and recommend how to cook it.

FoldiMate — The Laundry Folding Machine

Washing your clothes is chore enough. Finish the job with ease with FoldiMate, the laundry folding machine. Simply clip your clothing to the outside of this automatic machine and watch as FoldiMate slides them inside to let the mechanical arms fold them to crisp perfection. FoldiMate can also steam, de-wrinkle, and soften each of your articles of clothing.

CLOZE Basket — Reconfigurable Laundry Basket

CLOZE basket is a reconfigurable laundry basket that has been designed to change the way you tackle laundry forever. From collecting the clothes that need a wash to stacking them up neatly in separate piles and then handing them over to the respective family member, CLOZE ensures to ease up the whole process of laundry distribution at home.

Rebel Treadmill and Desk Combination

Remain active and get in shape while you work with the Rebel Treadmill and Desk Combination. Including a height adjustable desk and a treadmill with different speeds, you can easily power through your workday and workout. The Rebel Up 2000 desk has a large top surface for your computer and documents as well as a sliding tray underneath for your keyboard and mouse.

IRONATE — Perfect “No Oven” Pizza In Just 3 Minutes

Now make your homemade pizza four times faster than the oven with IRONATE. In under 10 minutes, IRONATE can heat to over 800 degrees F (around 430 degrees Celsius) just like commercial pizza ovens. No more waiting 30+ minutes for your oven to preheat, heating up your apartment and wasting all that energy. The top of IRONATE is designed to quickly soak up the energy from your stove and radiate intense heat into the crust and toppings to ensure evenly cooked pizza in just 3 minutes.

For more such cool products, head over to our smart living collection here. You can also watch our favorite gadgets in action on our YouTube channel!

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