10 Yoga Accessories to Satisfy the Yogi Souls

Since we are just hours away from celebrating another International Yoga Day, it’s time to give your mind and soul a treat with these yoga accessories. We do believe that all problems are illusions of the mind. There is nothing that can take down your emotional state of mind. You can’t control what goes around you but you can always control what goes within you. And with these 10 accessories, you can be one step closer to experiencing your inner peace like never before. Do yoga the right way! 😇

Sparkle 3-Pocket Yoga Leggings

Add some practical comfort to your every day with the Sparkle 3-Pocket Yoga Leggings. With a goal of total convenience, these must-haves are great for all sports. The Sparkle Yoga Leggings offer a total of three pockets. Two of these are on the side and are totally seamless. In addition, there’s an invisible pocket in your waistband.

Bala Bangles Wearable Yoga Weights

Intensify your yoga routine with Bala Bangles Yoga Weight Bracelets. Coming in a set of two, these wearables offer a suitable weight while letting you keep your balance. Unlike dumbbells, Bala Bangles give you an unlimited range of motion so you can perform your routine as usual.

Moon Phases Yoga Mat

This moon phases yoga mat makes a peaceful addition to your daily yoga routine. Inspired by a beautiful night under the stars and the cycles of the moon as an art form, this yoga mat adds peaceful serenity to your yoga practice.

BallerYoga Luxury Yoga Mats

Are you still attempting yoga on the world’s worst mat? It’s time to upgrade to the BallerYoga Luxury Yoga Mats. Each of these mats is made with 100% pebble-grain football leather — the same stuff used by the professional football teams in the USA.

Feline Yogi Cat Yoga Mat

Why leave yoga for us alone? Even our kitties need that time out, don’t you think? Just like a traditional yoga mat, this one offers a cushioned spot for stretching, relaxing, and a little mental stimulation.

Alana Athletica Heat-Activated Yoga Pants

Lift your spirit and work out in style with the Alana Athletica Heat-Activated Yoga Pants. This set of active apparel outperforms others with a long-lasting design. The multi-way stretch fabric and flattering construction supports you better than other brands.

Yoga Natural Rubber Mat

Do better yoga in a smart way with the Yoga Natural Rubber Mat by Numbers Yoga Mat. These mats are more than just a help to match your footing with the grip you can get out of natural rubber. The numbered targets and grid lines you see here will help you correct your own body positioning and alignment in poses and thus help you customize your practice.

LED Portable Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

You can only get to do perfect yoga if you are in a perfect surrounding. And good, peaceful music completes any surrounding. Now, if that good music comes from a speaker that levitates, it will just make the experience even more serene. That’s what a yogi needs!

Sprout Aroma Diffuser by Puzhen

It’s considered that good aroma can refresh your mind. So having a diffuser by your side while you practice yoga is not a bad idea after all.

Glowscenes Nature Inspired Lighting

Finally, we believe your yoga setup will be complete if you have the right lighting. Doing yoga during day time is fine but those who also prefer to get some relaxation at the end of a day can mimic that same lighting with this nature-inspired lighting solution.

That was our yoga roundup. Now, to make sure your health is in check, please feel free to check our collection here.

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