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11 Leather goods for all your gadgets and devices

Originally published at Gadget Flow on July 03, 2019.

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With all the tech and metal and plastic in your life, it can be tricky to establish a cohesive, stylish look. But, there’s one tried and true material that offers total protection and never goes out of style: leather.

From countless color options to different styles and stitching, leather lets you express your unique style. Check out these incredible leather goods to adorn and protect all your gadgets and devices.

HP Elite x2 G4 Leather Folio Business Detachable

While this business detachable from HP is technically in the tablet family, you can also use it as a laptop. And now the keyboard folio, which wraps the entire Elite x2 G4, is offered in leather. This leather folio business detachable has a built-in privacy screen. So if you’re a remote employee who wants to keep your work safe from prying eyes, this leather business detachable is perfect for the job.

band&roll Kangaroo Leather Smartphone Wallet Case

Featuring a simple yet stylish design, this accessory protects your phone and stores your money and cards. Thanks to its sewn construction, Kangaroo offers durable comfort and will last for years to come. In addition, the anti-static wool felt upper provides a soft touch. Compatible with many different smartphones, the leather smartphone wallet case tightly grips your phone to keep it safe on the go. Similarly, the water-resistant leather mantle ensures protection from the elements.

Mujjo Leather Wallet Case for Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus

Featuring a full leather design, this Galaxy S9 case pairs premium protection with convenience. In addition to covering every corner, the case also sports a built-in wallet. Designed to go wherever you go, this sleek case makes it easy to never forget your wallet ever again.

Nomad Modern Leather Strap

This accessory gives your Apple Watch a timeless yet bold appearance. Available in gold and silver hardware, the Modern Leather Strap features stainless steel lugs and buckles. Likewise, the two color options make it easy to match the strap to your outfit. Made from vegetable-tanned leather, the Apple Watch strap develops a beautiful patina over time, meaning the rich leather strap becomes even more unique as the years go by.

Twelve South AirSnap Leather AirPods Case

Made from full-grain leather, this stylish case protects your AirPods while keeping them close to you. Just slide your AirPods Charging Case into AirSnap and close the metal snap. This case prevents your AirPods and Charging Case from being stolen, getting dirty, or scratched. On the bottom of the case is a convenient cutout that allows you to recharge your AirPods without having to take them out. In addition, the black carabiner easily attaches to your bag, backpack, or keychain so you’re always prepared.

Ekster Luxury Leather iPhone Case

This case is ideal for those who want to protect their iPhone without adding any bulk. The leather iPhone case provides room for a card along with your device. It also offers enough space to hide some emergency cash. Featuring integrated slots, the Ekster iPhone case can hold an extra sim card and a reset pin as well. Hand-crafted from high-quality European leather, the iPhone case is complete with a screen protecting edge and a soft microfiber lining inside to protect your iPhone from scratches.

PencilSnap Apple Pencil iPad Sleeve

Featuring a fully leather design, the Apple Pencil glides easily inside this sleeve for ultra safekeeping. It fares far better inside the sleeve than being needlessly tossed into your bag. Plus, the PencilSnap offers a snug grip to prevent the Apple Pencil from sliding out. In addition to this, the PencilSnap has a magnetic mounting system, making it compatible with the Apple Smart Cover. With the magnets, it instantly sticks into place so it’s always right where you need it.

Vaja iPhone Xs Leather Wallet Case

Sleek and stylish, this case is complete with a cover to also protect the screen of your device. It’s on the inside of the cover where you can also store your cash, cards, and tickets. In fact, there are five different slots so you can keep all of your cards right where you want them. The four dedicated card slots all feature RFID protection. Even when full, the case remains slim to forgo the bulk of a traditional wallet.

ERA81 Ultimate Leather Laptop Bag

This comfortable bag easily carries everything a professional needs on the go. Featuring a sophisticated design, the bag offers a spacious interior with clever organization features. Likewise, the expandable interior can hold a planner, legal-size folders, water bottle, lunch box, eyeglasses, makeup, and more. It also provides enough space for laptops that are up to 15.6 inches. In addition, the ERA81 bag comes with accessories, including a leather makeup pouch that converts into a key pouch, clutch, and charm.

Capra Leather Keyboard Desk Pad

Featuring stunning leather, this desk pad has enough space for your keyboard as well as your mouse. The sleek leather allows your mouse to glide effortlessly as you browse. In addition, the material gives your wrists a comfortable place to rest as you type. The Keyboard Desk Pad comes in two colors: Marron and Acorn. Both variations of brown, they integrate seamlessly with any desk. Over time, the leather will beautifully age to give it a distinct look.

Grovemade Leather Apple Watch Band

This strap uses premium American vegetable-tanned leather for the ultimate sophistication. Coming in your choice of black or tan, you also have your choice of hardware color. Both the black and the tan come with either silver or black hardware. The Grovemade Leather Band is entirely minimalist in both form and function. The elegant design easily clicks into place yet just as easily changes when you want to swap your style. Over time and with use, the Grovemade Leather Band will develop a patina unique to you.



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