11 Smart Gadgets in Crowdfunding You Must Check

Crowdfunding has come a long way and we can’t tell you how innovative it has been. So, just to make this Wednesday more special, let’s take a look at some of the coolest gadgets in crowdfunding that will simply blow your mind. Innovation has indeed taken a giant leap!

Mesay 20-Language Smart Voice Translator

Unlock the world around you while you travel with the Mesay 20-Language Smart Translator. Portable and practical, this intelligent device uses AI to detect whether you’re speaking English or Chinese and translate to 18 other languages. Incredibly, the Mesay Translator takes less than two seconds to deliver the translation.

SWINGS Swiss Analog Long Lasting Smartwatch

Combine the ease of the digital world with the style of analog with the SWINGS Swiss Analog Long Lasting Smartwatch. Rife with new technology and sapphire glass, it has a record-breaking 2-year battery life. There’s no recharging needed all thanks to a new ultra-low power chipset exclusive to SWINGS.

pLaces GPS Shoe Laces

Accurately record every step you take with the pLaces GPS Shoe Laces. Fitting in seamlessly with your kicks, this intelligent wearable helps keep you and the ones you love safe. The pLaces connect to the app on your smartphone. In the app, you can create a safe zone, get alerts, view 24-hour history, and even monitor activity.

Coolala Solar-Powered Portable Air Conditioner

Enjoy a cool breeze indoors and outdoors with the Coolala Solar-Powered Portable Air Conditioner. Whereas fans just blow hot air around, the Coolala offers a real AC experience. Thanks to a tiny but powerful air compressor, it cools up to 150 square feet of space. This makes it ideal for camping, tailgate parties, road trips, and more.

STEMosaur Artificial Intelligence Interactive Toy

Enhance your child’s education with STEMosaur! This artificial intelligence interactive toy helps your kids learn core STEM subjects — Science, Technology, Engineering & Math. This is done through its construction kit, conversation and kid-friendly coding panel. Unlike traditional methods, STEMosaur keeps fun at the forefront of learning by incorporating jokes, story-telling, games, and the ability to answer your child’s educational questions in real time.

GOTOKY 100% Off-Grid Communication Device

Live life in the adventurous lane with the GOTOKY 100% Off-Grid Communication Device. Using a UHF frequency band, this device serves as your lifeline when you’re living off the grid. It offers both voice and text communication with a variety of configurations. With end-to-end encryption, you can use the app on your device for hands-free calls.

LAER Smart Laptop Charging Sleeve

Introducing the LAER Smart Laptop Charging Sleeve. Creativity and productivity don’t just happen at your desk anymore. Ideas are shaped on the go and when you’re on the move you don’t need to see flashing battery icons and 10% notifications. You need power that moves with you. LAER was created to simplify your life.

Toybox One-Touch 3D Toy Printer

Give your kids the chance to pick out their perfect toys with the Toybox One-Touch 3D Toy Printer. This tabletop printer can create beautiful little models at the touch of a button. Via the companion smartphone app, you can browse through a catalog of over 500 toys. When your child sees something they like, you just tap to start printing.

Safy Theft-Resistant Smart Bag

Keep your valuables secure wherever you go and charge your devices with the Safy Theft-Resistant Smart Bag. This beautiful yet rugged portable safe is secured with a three-digit combination lock. With 1000 possible combinations, no thief can gain easy access. Alternatively, you can use the fingerprint module to unlock the bag.

InvizBox 2 Privacy and Security Router

Protect all of your devices at once with the InvizBox 2 Privacy and Security Router. Without compromising on speed, this system protects you and your family from tracking, profiling, hackers, and more. The InvizBox 2 and InvizBox 2 Pro utilize either a VPN connection or a connection to Tor.

CrossHelmet X1 360° Visibility Smart Helmet

Live life in the fast lane with the CrossHelmet X1 360° Visibility Smart Helmet. Featuring the latest technology, this helmet gives you the ability to drown out the world around you. It has CrossSound Control so you can choose to enhance or reduce environmental noise. In addition, the X1 Helmet gives you a full 360 degrees of vision.

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