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11 Suitcases You Can Use on Your Upcoming Vacation

Packing for your next vacation and tired of trying to squeeze everything inside that old suitcase? Well, we’d say it’s time to switch that old suitcase with something new and smart. Technology has changed most of our everyday accessories and made them smarter. Suitcases are not an exception either. So here we are, with some of our favorites from this new category of travel gadgets.

Travelmate Robot Suitcase

Take the headache out of travel by using the Travelmate Robot Suitcase. Incredibly, this suitcase is able to move on its own. Additionally, it can even follow you throughout the airport and on your travels. With this total upgrade, your days of lugging around your case are over. The Travelmate Suitcase is also great for work or even school.

Bluesmart Black Smart Suitcase

Upgrade your travels with the Bluesmart Black Smart Suitcase. This incredible bag is loaded up with everything you could possibly need to improve your journey. Of course, it has the standards such as a lock and wheels. However, the wheels are super slick and quiet for smooth transporting.

Salsa Deluxe Multiwheel Electronic Tag Suitcase

Check in before you even check in at the airport with the Salsa Deluxe Multiwheel Electronic Tag Suitcase by RIMOWA. Complete with its own electronic luggage tag, you’re able to check this suitcase before your arrival to the airport so you can avoid long lines and frustration.

Auto-Follow Suitcase Makes Your Travel Easier — COWAROBOT R1

Travel without worrying about handling the weight of your suitcase with COWAROBOT R1. This is a robotic suitcase that incorporates robotic technology on its smart suitcase shell. As a result, it can follow tracks autonomously, thus making the process of traveling with a suitcase smooth and hassle-free. It will simply roll-on with you and make you enjoy a hands-free mode of traveling all along the way.

Jurni — The Ultimate Sit-On, Carry on Suitcase

Jurni is a carry-on suitcase for the next generation of young connected travellers. With a quick access pop-out pod, a seat to rest on, in-line wheels to glide-along and flexible storage solutions, Jurni makes travel a breeze.

World’s First Wireless Charging Suitcase

It’s super convenient to simply rest a phone on top of the suitcase to begin charging. No fumbling for cords or portable battery packs. No searching for vacant outlets or hovering near charging stations waiting for a turn. We started off by designing an incredibly well made suitcase without compromises.

G-RO — Revolutionary Carry-On Luggage

Transform the way you travel with the G-RO Carry-On Luggage. It’s no wonder the G-RO Carry-On won the Edison Awards 2017 Award for Innovation in Design. This bag has advanced features to make every journey seamless.

Genius Pack G3 Carry-On Spinner

It’s about time you started traveling a little smarter. Introducing the Genius Pack G3 Carry-On Spinner. Measuring a full 22 inches long, this bag is the maximum carry-on allowance. With these dimensions, it gives you a whopping 44 liters of volume.

Aerial Hardside Spinner Carry On

Handle your travels like a champ with the Aerial Hardside Spinner Carry On. Available in black or white, this bag goes above and beyond the call of duty. Offering a massive 43-liter storage capacity inside, the dimensions remain small enough for airline guidelines. The interior also offers compartments for easy and effortless storage.

Bugaboo Boxer Luggage System

Although it has the word “lug” in it, luggage shouldn’t be weighing you down. With the Bugaboo Boxer Luggage System, you can free yourself from clunky baggage. Comprised of four parts, this luggage system enables you to carry your gear effortlessly whether it’s through the airport or across a city.

Barracuda Smart Collapsible Carry-on

Barracuda Carry-on is the world’s first fully-collapsible carry-on smart suitcase. Striking a perfect balance between design and technology, Barracuda comes complete with innovative and cutting-edge features including a built-in USB charger, Bluetooth location tracking, laptop tray, and more!

For more such travel gadgets, check our collection here.



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