12 Bedtime Gadgets to Give You a Better Sleep

Nearly half of the American population (48%) say that they do not get enough sleep. But have we really taken enough measures to get that sleep our body deserves? Apparently not. When technology can make you be a part of a virtual world, why not use the same to give your mind that ideal rest in a day. Here are some of the best bedtime gadgets you can use to get that perfect sleep every night.

Nox Smart Sleep Light From Sleepace

You can now fall asleep easily every night with the Nox Smart Sleep Light From Sleepace. This smart sleep light has been designed to monitor, track and improve your sleep quality each night and make your bedtimes better than before. The light is a beautiful combination of Nox and the Sleepace mobile app by using which you will be able to improve your sleep cycle in the long run.

Digital Voice Table Clock

If you have this Digital Voice Table Clock, you can throw out a lot of junk that’s cluttering up your desk or bedside table. The Digital Voice Table Clock is housed in a clean-cut wooden casing with an oak wood finish. It houses everything from your digital clock and alarm to a wireless Bluetooth speaker to play audio and a built-in microphone for hands-free calls from the comfort of your bed.

Nora — The Smart Snoring Solution

Kick snoring to the curb with Nora, the smart snoring solution. This non-invasive device works seamlessly in your bedroom. A small device sits on your nightstand and, when you snore, activates the Expander, which slides under your pillow. When activated, the Expander gently adjusts your head placement to stop the snoring in its tracks.

Sleep Pill for Sense

Introducing the newest accessory for the best sleep tracker — the Sleep Pill for Sense. Connecting to the sense hub, this device clips directly onto your pillow to track your movement as you sleep. Inside the Sleep Pill is a high performance accelerometer.

Casper — Sleep Reimagined

Casper unites a top comfort layer of premium latex with a support layer of high-density memory foam. Made from premium textiles from the USA and Belgium, the cover is breathable, flexible and resilient. It is hand-sewn in South Carolina and Illinois, and fully removable for easy cleaning. 1.5 of a proprietary dunlop latex foam balances a 13ILD load-deflection with an energetic springiness.

FitSleep — This Tracker Is Your Personal Lullaby

Having trouble falling asleep at night? FitSleep is a sleep tracker gadget that emits alpha waves to speed up the transformation to deep sleep, increases deep sleep duration and improves sleep efficiency. By using a range of sound waves, FitSleep scans how the user reacts to different frequencies.

S+ Personal Sleep Sensor by ResMed

Enjoy the benefits of a good night’s sleep with the S+ Personal Sleep Sensor by ResMed. Requiring no contact with your body, this system is able to track your sleep without disrupting your rest. The S+ system includes a bedside sleep monitor, the smartphone app, and a web-based app so you can view and track your sleep patterns.

Aura Connected Alarm Clock by Withings

Your alarm clock now becomes a stylish lamp if you bring home the Aura Connected Alarm Clock by Withings. The purpose of this alarm clock is to help you fall asleep faster and wake up with a refreshed mind every morning. The sleep-inducing light and sound programs will undoubtedly help you fall asleep faster.

Suzy Snooze — A Good Night’s Sleep For Everyone

Suzy Snooze is an innovative sleep companion for the whole family that has been designed to help babies, children and adults get a good night’s sleep. Created after proper consultation from sleep scientists and hundreds of parents, Suzy Snooze can be considered as a perfect bedtime gadget for your home. It is beautifully designed, intelligent, customizable and connected.

Silent Partner — Quiet Snoring Noise Like Magic

Silent Partner by QuietLife Technologies is the world’s first noise canceling sleep product. Using their patented Sub-Wavelength technology, the device senses snoring sounds and in real time emits a counter sound, which suppresses it. QuietLife’s innovation promises to improve sleep for people worldwide, providing you and those around, a quiet night’s sleep.

Lully — The Sleep Guardian

Allow your child to drift peacefully off to sleep and wake up relaxed with Lully, the sleep guardian. Placed discreetly under your child’s mattress, Lully is effective in stopping night terrors nine out of ten times. The device connects to the mobile app which you program based on your answers to some questions about your child.

hugOne Sleep Tracking System and Sensors by Sevenhugs

Get your entire family on the right track with sleep with the hugOne Sleep Tracking System and Sensors by Sevenhugs. Comprised of a central base and two sensors, this system automatically records sleep status; including light sleep, deep sleep, and awake time; the second someone gets into bed. Without the need to affix anything to your clothing, the hugOne Sleep Tracking System is able to detect changes and quality of your sleep in addition to temperature and air quality.

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