12 Cool Gadgets For a Smart Living Experience

There’s hardly a soul on this planet who wouldn’t prefer living a sci-fi enriched lifestyle. Somewhere or the other, all of us have that dream of riding a flying car or type in the air and so on. While the former still remains a reality for the Fantastic Four and not for us yet, the latter and quite a number of sci-fi like ideas have already taken its shape into reality. Take a look at 12 smart living gadgets and go for that experience soon!

Perseus — The World’s Smartest Mirror

Perseus is the world’s smartest mirror that has been loaded with features to help you take back control of your ‘getting ready’ experience. Whether beauty, basketball or Beyonce is your thing, this mirror is about to make those groggy 7 AM wake-ups more fun than they’ve ever been. With the video streaming feature, you can stream your favorite videos from YouTube while doing your make-up.

MAD Glass — Smart Eyewear Made For Everyone

Enjoy a whole new line up of smart glass that runs on Android in the form of MAD Glass. This smart eyewear comes with all the functions you desire from such a piece of wearable tech and is a design which is made to be comfortable for you under any kind of surrounding.

Necksound — Smart Wireless Necklace Wearable Music Device

Necksound is a smart wireless wearable that revolutionizes the experience of listening to music during sports activities. It is a necklace-shaped audio device made with hypoallergenic silicone, with a modern and sporty design that provides top quality sound. Listen to music or talk on the phone while doing any physical activity without the need for headphones.

Grobo Smart Indoor Garden

Taste the freshest of fresh when you use the Grobo Smart Indoor Garden. All in the comfort of your own home, this device enables you to grow luscious greens, tasty fruit, yummy vegetables, beautiful herbs, and more. The Grobo Smart Indoor Darden is equipped with optimized LED lights which emulate the rising and setting sun to give your plants a more natural environment.

Thync System

Vibes deliver calm or energy in as little as 5 minutes. After using a Vibe, the effect can last up to an hour and the impact can carry over for several hours. Innovative. Elegant. Lightweight. Easy to use. The Thync Module redefines wearable technology design. Its beautiful shape and two-dimensional curvature is engineered to comfortably fit almost everybody.

Tap Wearable Keyboard

Change the way you interact with the world using the Tap Wearable Keyboard. The beauty of this keyboard lies in the fact that it can turn anything you can touch into a typing surface. In other words, Tap transforms the tactile world into a keyboard. You just need to create your Tap account, download the Tap apps and start Tapping.

HUDWAY Glass — Keep Your Eyes On the Road

In the days of smartphones with tweets, texts, selfies, and phone calls, HUDWAY Glass makes sure you keep your eyes on the road. HUDWAY Glass is a universal driving accessory that turns your smartphone into a concise Head-Up Display at eye level. Displaying clear directions and information, such as the path of the road or your speed, from your phone, HUDWAY Glass keeps your hands on the wheel and your eyes focused on what’s ahead.

Solna SmartTouch Faucet by Brizo

Introducing the Solna SmartTouch Faucet by Brizo. Seamlessly integrating its aesthetic with any décor, this intuitive faucet activates its water flow by just the touch of your hand to make washing up even easier. Located near the spout is a powerful yet entirely hidden touch sensor.

Smartmarker Connected Marker by Equil.

Your everyday business just got a whole lot smarter with the Smartmarker Connected Marker by Equil. Transforming everything from your note-taking to your presentations, this nifty device comes with a sensor that you place on any whiteboard surface be it whiteboard paint, a whiteboard, or something entirely new.

June — The Intelligent Oven

Become a master in the kitchen with June, the intelligent oven. This clever appliance is a counter top oven that helps you produce restaurant quality meals. With June, you can bake, roast, broil, toast, and more, all from this compact unit. After loading your food into the spacious interior, June’s HD camera and built-in scale will identify your food and recommend how to cook it.

A “Little Star”- The World’s First Digital Art Furniture

Together with most of your other home devices, your furniture now goes smart too with a “little star”. Just like the name sounds, this is one of the world’s first digital art furniture. While during the day, little star acts like a standard piece of sculpture, at night you can use it to reflect your mood. It glows like a lamp and is capable of creating a perfect atmosphere for living spaces.

Connected Medical Kit by CliniCloud

Getting medical opinion sitting back at home was never this easy. By using the Connected Medical Kit by CliniCloud, you’ll be able to bring the doctor home anytime anywhere. This kit comes with a digital stethoscope which is helpful for checking respiratory health. There’s also a non-contact thermometer for analyzing your little one’s temperature even when they are asleep.

If you are looking for more smart living gadgets, take a look at our collection here.

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