12 Gadgets Every Runner Can Make Use of

Just a pair of shoes and a breathable outfit is enough for a good run. However, we think otherwise. Unless you try to incorporate proper fitness gadgets in your run, you’ll never be able to get those metrics right. So, we bring you some of our favorite gadgets every runner would love to make use of. From smartphone holding armbands to fitness trackers, the list here is pretty versatile. Gear up now!

Polar M430 GPS Running Watch

Take your paces to the next level with the Polar M430 GPS Running Watch. Featuring an integrated GPS module, this watch uses SiRFInstantFix satellite prediction technology. In addition, it uses a 6-LED optical heart rate sensor to give you the metrics you need to improve. The M430 Running Watch also has a built-in activity sensor.

Apollo Audio Wireless Headsets

Treat your ears to premium sound with the Apollo Audio Wireless Headsets. This collection features the Apollo Boost, a set of headphones, as well as Apollo Sprint, sleek earbuds. The Apollo Boost Headphones come with two ultra-comfortable ear cups complete with padding. These help to cancel environmental noise while targeting the audio right to your ears.

ActionSleeve Apple Watch Armband

Take your smartwatch to new depths with the ActionSleeve Apple Watch Armband from Twelve South. This band, complete with a secure Velcro strap, keeps your Apple Watch out of harm’s way while you workout. However, even with this protection, you can still view and control the smartwatch with ease and no risk of damage.

Manaslu Athletics Casual Activewear

Head from the gym to the rest of your day with the Manaslu Athletics Casual Activewear. This clothing offers a comfortable wear with everything you’d want out of activewear. Featuring a range of shirts, pullovers, and even underwear, the Manaslu Activewear let’s you go from the gym to anywhere in style. Each garment uses revolutionary VIV fabric.

QardioCore Wireless ECG Monitor

Understand your body like never before with the QardioCore Wireless ECG Monitor. This compact wearable delivers continuous ECG monitoring so you can make adjustments in your routine. The QardioCore attaches to your chest to use the ground-breaking sensor technology. In addition to ECG, this device tracks your respiratory rate, heart rate, and even your skin temperature.

Nova Magnetics — All Terrain Running Shoes

Go where no runner has gone before with the NOVA All Terrain Running Shoes. Every part of these shoes has been perfected to be the ultimate footwear. On the top are incredible magnetic shoelaces. This ensures that the shoes fit the exact same every time you put them on. Additionally, the shoes stay snug as you run and move.

Everlast and PIQ Sport Intelligence Wearable

Thanks to the Everlast and PIQ Sport Intelligence Wearable, you can finally measure your boxing punches. This wearable is much more than a sensor. Moreover, it has got the capability to identify a good punch from a bad punch. You just have to wear it on your wrist and let the sensor do the rest.

Motiv Fitness Tracking Ring

Downsize your everyday wearable essentials with the Motiv Fitness Tracking Ring. Sitting on your finger, this compact device is packed with power. Featuring a titanium casing, Motiv tracks metrics such as steps, calories, distance, and more. In addition, it has an optical heart rate sensor.

Sports Armband — Pack of Two Cases by RISEPRO

Now using your iPhone during your workout hours will be easy with the iPhone 7 Plus Armband by RISEPRO. It is a waterproof and high-quality armband that comes in a pack of two (orange and green), with a built-in earphone hole to help you listen to music or answer calls while you are busy with your everyday workout activities.

Easy Pocket Pal

With Easy Pocket Pal, you will have a lightweight, innovative and convenient way to access your personal items. There is a zippered closure to protect belongings, including a smaller zipped pocket inside to keep your credit cards and hotel keys safe. Plus, the removable magnetic frame allows you to place Easy Pocket Pal wherever you like — from your pants to your shirt to your waistband or jacket.

InBody BAND — Wearable Body Composition Analyzer

Get instant and exact information about your body with the InBody BAND, the wearable body composition analyzer. This fitness band doesn’t just tell you what you’ve done — it tells you how well you’ve done it. Complete with loads of sensors and accelerometers, you can easily monitor your heart rate while you work out to make sure you hit your peak, count your steps to stay on track, track the total calories you’ve burned, total your distance as well as your total activity time.

Leather Arm Band Case For Smartphones

This luxury nylon back case for your iPhone comes with a special touch feeling and an elegant appearance. It protects your phone back and frames from fingerprints, scratches, dust, collisions, and abrasion. The design makes your phone stand out from the crowd.

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