12 Notebooks That Will Inspire You to Write More

In an age where typing has overpowered writing, notebooks are literally on the verge of extinction. But we still think that the flair only comes to you when you have real paper in front. If you think the same, here are 12 notebooks that are worth a check. These are not just notebooks that will help you write your heart out but also plan your days in a more effective way.

SENS Luxurious Stationery Set

Always have a place to jot your good ideas with the SENS Luxurious Stationery Set. Through the use of premium materials, the SENS Set keeps you organized and ready for your next big idea.

90X Goal Planner Notebook

Achieve more than you thought possible when you use the 90X Goal Planner Notebook. Complete with a sleek and minimalist exterior, this notebook has all the tools to help you succeed. Inside are sections for goal setting, to-do lists, creating vision boards, weekly overviews, and even reflections.

Modern Block Inspiring Everyday Goods

Whether you’re spending your day hard at work at the office or reflecting in the great outdoors, it never hurts to get a boost of inspiration. With the Modern Block collection of Everyday Goods, you get a constant reminder to simply “Make Something Good.” This imperative adorns all of the products from the Modern Block collection and it serves to re-center your mindset with each glance. It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of deadlines.

Classic Wool Notebook from Hard Graft

Jot down your memories to keep forever in the Classic Wool Notebook from Hard Graft. Coming in a compact A5 size, this notebook is easy to carry to have handy when the mood strikes. Inside are 160 bright pages of premium greyish-white paper. Use them to doodle, write memos and ideas, or even compose love notes.

The Wood Notebook by Pacific & West

Be inspired to write more with the Wood Notebook by Pacific & West. Carefully crafted down to the finest detail, this notebook is made with a custom 5-ply real wood cover. It is present on both the front and the back to protect the crisp, white, non-bleed pages inside. The luxurious wood grain of the black walnut is visible from every angle.

2017 Daily Planner

2017 Daily Planner is a personal development survival guide designed for achieving goals for those who have a dream to be realized. It’s a powerful planner, a self-development tool and a business-life coach combined in one single book-planner, designed to give you the ability to set goals and keep track of your progress.

Slice Planner — First Notebook Connected to Digital Calendars

Slice Planner is a brand new hybrid approach to daily planning, combining an old-fashioned paper planner with digital calendars. It was designed to solve “Paper planner vs. Digital calendars” dilemma.

Augmented Paper by Montblanc

Transfer your notes from the physical world to the cloud with the Montblanc Augmented Paper. It is a notebook that lets users transfer handwritten sketches, doodles, and everything else to a connected app.

Notebook By Hard Graft

The design is unique which has been made out of über premium vegetable tanned Italian leather that is hand-stained hide by hide. Skilled workmen apply natural coloring made from tree bark, etc. by hand onto the leather.

Marble Notebook Journal

MIKOL is the first and only official marble fashion/accessories. Founded by experts in the fields of marble, construction, fashion, and design, we here at MIKOL hope to color your world with a unique product of extravagance. With the plethora of phone and tablet cases made in metal, aluminum, leather, wood, and so forth, a personalized, marble case from MIKOL will immediately make you stand out.

Goal-based Productivity Planner

A Perfect Full-year 2016 Planner, Notebook, Journal & Companion. Plan, Execute & Achieve your life goals and become highly effective. Being productive every single day of the year is not easy. You face a lot of distractions and no matter how high your goals are, achieving them becomes more difficult with time.

Handmade Leather Traveler’s Notebook

Bring out the explorer in you while writing your thoughts on this Handmade Leather Traveler’s Notebook. This journal is inspired from the vintage notebooks of travelers which come in a number of beautiful colors that match with the leather design.

For more such notebooks, check our collection here.

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