12 Office Gadgets That Will Blow Your Mind

Going to work on a Wednesday sounds like the dullest moment of your everyday life. But work isn’t supposed to be that boring. In fact, it’s supposed to keep you happy and entertained, don’t you think? But being happy with a terrible work-load is not that easy. However, things might just look different if you have these 12 office gadgets by your side. Because like always, technology is indeed making our lives easier and “happier”. 😉

Sway Adjustable Height Wooden Desk

Cater your workspace to your ergonomic needs with the Sway Adjustable Height Wooden Desk by ergonofis. This beautiful desk is as breath-taking as it is practical. The top of the desk is made entirely of wood.

MoonSonata Wireless Charger Speaker System

Charge up and rock out with the MoonSonata Wireless Charger Speaker System. This all-in-one device sits neatly on your desk and really delivers. Featuring Qi technology, you can simply place your smartphone on the MoonSonata and it will begin to charge.

Microsoft Modern Fingerprint ID Keyboard

Unlock your world with a touch of a button with the Microsoft Modern Fingerprint ID Keyboard. Superbly sleek and wonderfully slim, this revolutionary keyboard is a welcomed addition to your Windows setup. The Modern Keyboard connects to your computer via the included cable or you can go wireless with Bluetooth.

Personal Microclimate At Your Workplace

Evapolar is the world’s first desktop personal air conditioner. It cools, humidifies and cleans the air creating a perfect microclimate on your workplace. Based on the specially developed patented nanotechnology it is both small and efficient.

Muista Active Desk Chair

Live life actively all day long with the Muista Active Desk Chair. With loads of ergonomic features, this chair ensures you’re active even when sitting. In fact, recent studies show that fidgeting throughout your day combats the negative side effects of sitting.

ASUS ZenScreen Portable Monitor

Extend your world at your fingertips with the ASUS ZenScreen Portable Monitor. Complete with two USB ports, you can instantly access your media like never before. The ZenScreen measures a massive 15.6 inches to truly captivate you.

Portable Compute Card by Intel

Unleash your power anywhere you go with the Intel Portable Compute Card. This compact device gives you unlimited options for connecting your devices on the go. The Compute Card offers both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity so you can choose what suits you.

HP Spectre x2 Convertible Laptop

Start enjoying your work every day with the HP Spectre x2 Convertible Laptop. It has a detachable keyboard and revolutionary features to expedite your workflow. In addition, the stunning 12.3-inch display is complete with 6 million pixels.

Kikkerland Magnetic Hourglass

Watch time tick by in amazement with the Kikkerland Magnetic Hourglass. Featuring the incredible ferrous sand, this hourglass comes with its own stand. But, the wooden stand features more than just a great design.

ALLDOCK Electric Charging Station

Stay organized with your devices with the ALLDOCK Electric Charging Station. With space for your smartphone, tablet, e-reader, and more, the ALLDOCK offers super fast USB charging. With an ultra-sleek exterior, this docking system fits in seamlessly whether it’s in your bedroom or at the office.

Aura Silhouette LED Table Lamp

Add some depth to your desk with the Aura Silhouette LED Table Lamp. Using premium materials, this lamp has a 2D-like design but produces a 3D effect. Extending from the wooden arm is an LED lamp. With a lifetime of 50,000 hours, its design makes it appear like a real lampshade. However, your eyes will show you that it’s not.

4-Port USB 3.0 Hub for iMac

This 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub for iMac is an ideal must have for those who use multiple USB gadgets with their iMac. It’s a simple design with four USB ports you can attach to the front of your iMac.

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