12 Outdoor Gadgets For Your Weekend Trips

The best way to get rid of your week-long work stress is to head for a weekend outdoor trip. It could be a camping getaway or even a long drive, the purpose is to give your brain some rest from all the hassles you face at work throughout the week. Here are some of the best outdoor gadgets that will make sure your weekend outdoor trips are truly one of a kind.

goTenna Mesh — Off-Grid, People-Powered Connectivity Anywhere

goTenna Mesh is the first 100% off-grid, mobile, long-range consumer-ready mesh network. The device pairs with your smartphone to enable communication even when you don’t have service. No towers, routers, and satellites are required! Create people-powered connectivity anytime, anywhere. Send text messages and share GPS locations on offline maps with others. Chat privately in 1-to-1 or group conversations, or broadcast to any other goTenna Mesh device up to several miles or kilometers away all without using towers, routers or satellites.

Podo — The First Stick and Shoot Camera: The Sequel

Podo is a miniature, app-controlled camera that sticks and unsticks anywhere for the perfect hands-free shot. It’s the easiest, simplest way to free your camera from the reach of your arm. You can stick Podo onto a nearby surface and shoot awesome photos, videos, or time lapse videos thereafter in a hands-free way. Podo uses wireless Bluetooth technology to connect with your phone.

Ecomo — The World’s First Bottle That Tests & Filters Water

Ecomo is a smart bottle that helps you get rid of contaminants. Fill the Ecomo Smart Bottle with any water source, either from your home faucet, a nearby water fountain or even from a stream. Test out the contaminants in your water simply with a shake. Make sure to secure the top before shaking the bottle. You can view the water quality from the LED display on the bottle or the Ecomo mobile app. Once you know your water quality, you can filter the water with a simple twist.

FUTO — The World’s Most Ultimate Air Mattress

The last air mattress you will ever need! Futo is a comfortable Queen size mattress that takes only 20 sec to inflate and can hold up to 4 adults (650 lbs) for 8 hours. It is comfortable, durable, colorful and easy to carry, with the headrest that will be needy for any occasion when you would like to take a rest or even a nap.

WALLY 2 — The World’s Coolest Commuter Solar Power Backpack

WALLY 2 is the coolest commuter solar power backpack with LED rear light and over 20 features designed for your everyday commute, working and traveling. The two panels high-efficiency USB solar charger can be hidden and detached. You need to open it for quick charging your iPhone 7 in just 95 mins under the sun and hide it when you carry it for work.

Gold Claw GOLD Pan — Anyone Can Get GOLD

With the Gold Claw pan, you can now get out of the house, go to nature, spice up that typical campout or hike with a gold adventure that will produce lifetime memories. Gold panning has been around for over a millennia, dating back beyond the ancient Egyptians. In all that time not much has changed. The old style of panning requires a lot of technique, tons of training, and is difficult to learn. Unless you are an expert, it is very easy to have the gold in the pan and lose it without even knowing it was there!

VIFLY R220 — A different kind of FPV Drone

VIFLY team consists of several FPV Racer enthusiasts. The purpose was to make a drone lower than the threshold and let more people capable of flying the racing drone. That is what led to the development of the VIFLY R220. It is a 100% ready-to-fly FPV Racer that requires no assembling or calibration. You can just fly it out of the box. They also employed a brand new unified body design which makes the drone a compact design with an amazing anti-crashing performance.

Xiaomi Bluetooth Wireless Headset

The Xiaomi Bluetooth Wireless Headset is a very bright, stylish and very functional cylindrical Bluetoothheadset. It comes with three types of headset (caps) made from a special medical grade silicone. The design is based on samples of 2000 forms of ears. Starting from a chip to the wireless profile of a Headset, it consists of parts that are highly advanced.

MIFA M1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Together with the frame adopting integrated Aluminum Alloy and the ABS panel, you get to enjoy a delicate speaker for your outdoor trips. The square box design is exquisite and portable. Two speakers and one bass radiator were built into M1 to produce a stereo rock sound quality. It also includes Adopt Bluetooth 4.0 chipset to enhance the stable transferring rate.

Waterproof Car Seat Cover For Pets

Give your pets a luxurious and comfy ride in the car with these waterproof car seat covers. The purpose is to keep them cosy as well as keep the car clean at the same time. Even for times when your dog isn’t in the car, this cover will protect your seats from kids, too. There are seat anchors to keep the cover in place while the non-slip net will ensure your pets don’t slide off when seated on this cover.

SitGo Portable Seat

There are times when you will be on your feet all day. Events and locations such as theme parks, shopping lines, tours, commuter trains, sporting events, concerts and more require you to stand without the option of a mobile resting solution. With its small footprint, the SitGo provides users a way to rest while standing. It’s a versatile seating and resting solution for any environment.

mophie power capsule Charging Case

Stay charged everywhere you go with the mophie power capsule Charging Case. Available in all black, this portable device offers you a powerful 1,400 mAh battery to top up while you’re out. Perfect for charging your wireless headphones, fitness tracker, or other wearable, the power capsule keeps your gadgets and devices protected while they’re plugged in. Equipped with a micro USB cable, the power capsule has high-output charging so you can spend more time enjoying your devices and less time waiting.

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