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12 Smartphone Stands for Your Car

Driving can be quite tedious if you don’t have the right gadgets to accompany you. While there are tons of gadgets available out there, the ones that are absolutely perfect for your car start with smartphone stands. These stands make sure you are able to keep your eyes on the road while you drive. That’s what makes them one of a kind. Here are some of the coolest smartphone car stands or mounts you must consider having in your car before your next long drive.

Logitech ZeroTouch Car Smartphone Holder

Stay as safe as can be on the roads when you use the Logitech ZeroTouch Car Smartphone Holder. In addition to holding your device, this holder features Amazon Alexa for voice control. Easily snapping into place. You can simply ask your smartphone to play Spotify, text your family, and so much more.

Pearl Magnetic Car Phone Mount

Stay focused on the road ahead with the Pearl Magnetic Car Phone Mount. Universal for virtually any car, this device seamlessly attaches to the vent in your vehicle for a strong hold. Instead of a cradle, this system has a strong magnet in place. Simply place your phone on the surface and it will remain in reach.

Smartphone Air Vent Mount

It’s always good to have your smartphone mounted on the car when you are driving. This Smartphone Air Vent Mount will help you do so. It prevents you from looking down at your phone while driving and making your life prone to risk while doing so.

dodocool iPhone 7 Case With 360 Degree Rotatable Ring Grip

dodocool Phone Case with Ring Stand for iPhone 7 protects the back and corners of your iPhone 7 from scratches and withstands impact force while allowing full access for all ports and functions. An integrated collapsible and 360° rotatable metal ring enables you to adjust your device to the best viewing angle flexibly or grip the phone for added protection. With premium material, it feels great in your hand.

Xtand Vent Smartphone Car Mount

Keep your smartphone within view while you drive with the Xtand Vent Smartphone Car Mount. Coming in all black, this device offers a seamless solution for holding your device. Compatible with virtually all smartphones, the Xtand Vent has a ball-joint swivel for adjusting the viewing angle as needed. It rotates a full 360-degrees for effortless viewing.

Wirelinq — A Smart Android USB Converter Cable for Car Music

Wirelinq is a Smart Android USB Cable converter that allows for the easy integration of Android phone to the car stereo in vehicles manufactured in 2008 and up. Connected to the USB port of the vehicle’s car stereo, it allows for the full integration of music, text, titles, cover art, controls via car stereo and steering wheel buttons, and browsing of the music via car stereo touch screen. The device will also charge the phone while in use.

Put2Go — Car Mount with Wireless Charging

Put2Go is the simplest solution for in-car wireless charging. It combines wireless charging technology with a magnetic phone dock. Securely charging a phone in your car has never been easier. It’s as simple as putting your phone on the dock. The Put2Go Team aims to make wireless charging as ubiquitous as Wi-Fi and create a more hassle-free life for everyone. Yes, it’s as simple as putting your phone on the dock.

elago Magnetic Smartphone Car Mount

Keep your device in reach and within your sights while you drive with the elago Magnetic Smartphone Car Mount. Easily installing into the air vent in your vehicle, this mount comes with two large metal plates, so your phone remains securely in place. The Magnetic Car Mount comes in a circular shape and can be installed in any orientation to suit your vehicle’s air vents.

Mountek GRIP+ CD Slot Mount

Whether you need hands-free calls or to follow complicated GPS navigation, the Mountek GRIP+ CD Slot Mount ensures you can see it all with ease. Using the CD slot in your car, this mount effortlessly slides and locks into place to provide a mount for your device. Using its adjustable arms, the Mountek GRIP+ can keep secure devices as narrow as the 1st generation iPhone or as wide as a full sized iPad.

Smart Phone Car Mount

Holding your smartphone in the car just got smarter with this car mount. It uses the force of gravity to make the process simple and easy going. You simply need to insert the smart phone into the opening and as you release the phone, it will rotate by using the weight of the phone to grip the screen using a silicone pad with tiny micro suction cups.

Satechi Aluminum Magnet Vent Mount

Utilize all the convenient features of your smartphone without compromising your safety with the Satechi Aluminum Magnet Vent Mount. Elegantly simple, this device easily clips into the air vent in any vehicle. Placing the included magnetic pad onto your phone or inside the phone’s case, the Magnet Vent Mount will hold your device at an ideal height.

DuoMount — The World’s Most Versatile Car Mount

Conveniently store and access your phone, tablet, or GPS with DuoMount, the world’s most versatile car mount by InfiniApps. This mount conveniently slides into your existing CD slot to provide one to two spots for your phone or tablet. Featuring two magnetic knobs, they can be rotated in a variety of ways to keep your phone safe as well as a passenger’s phone.

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