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12 Unbelievable Gadgets You Can Take Over with Gesture Control

We know you ❤️ remote controls. They are easy to operate and are literally our life saviors at the end of a tiring day. But isn’t it time we tried to explore more in this field? Isn’t it time to switch to something we’ve had with us ever since we saw the world. Let’s ditch those remote controls once and for all and switch to our hands instead. Welcome to the age of gesture control.

P.S. We still love remote controls though.

singlecue Gen 2 Gesture Control System

Have a seamless smart home system with the singlecue Gen 2 Gesture Control System. Compatible with a variety of devices, this system puts the power literally in your hands. With simple gestures, you can turn on the lights, activate your thermostat, unlock your door, and much more. Incredibly, the singlecue Gen 2 works without an app, remote, or even a wearable. Instead, all you need is your hand.

Elysium Gesture Controlled Chair

Experience comfort beyond your wildest imagination with the Elysium Gesture Controlled Chair. By utilizing the horizontal center of gravity motion path to produce continuous frictionless balance, the Elysium Chair gives you the feeling of weightlessness, something achieved previously through floatation therapy. Unlike any chair before it, the Elysium Chair uses upholstery springs that are fused to the carbon fiber at key points where you’d typically experience tension.

ROOME — The World’s First Gesture Controlled Smart Lamp

ROOME is a smart lamp designed for convenience. It is a truly intuitive lamp, one that lights up automatically through motion detection. It uses the latest in motion-sensor technology, and turn on or off depending on whether it is needed. ROOME turns on automatically when it senses you enter the room, and it turns off when there`s no movement detected in the room. Keeping the nightlight on is not energy-saving, but fumble the lamp switcher in the dark can be trouble.

Gest — The Gesture Controlled Wearable

Control your smartphone, tablet, or computer just by moving with Gest, the gesture controlled wearable. Designed to fit around the palm of your hand, this wearable has cable-connected rings that slide onto your fingers. Using advanced technology, Gest detects and interprets the location and movements of your hand and fingers to perform actions such as closing apps, moving your cursor, and flipping through slides.

Gesture Control Bluetooth Speaker by Bastron

Why should you go for the Gesture Control Bluetooth Speaker by Bastron at all? Because this isn’t an excellent speaker but one which supports gesture control too. The speaker is a real no key design which has a Magic Cube design and is made of full aluminum + tempered glass. There’s a built-in 2000 mAh rechargeable lithium battery which comes with a hands free speakerphone as well as a built in microphone.

Ring ZERO S — Wearable Tech With Gesture Control

Control your smartphones as well as home appliances by using gesture control with the Ring ZERO S. The battery will last up to 3 days in energy saving mode and 12 hours in active mode. The charging stand is elegant and will charge your Ring in a sophisticated way as and when required.

MYO Gesture Control Armband

Control technology with the use of simple gestures. With the help of the MYO Gesture Control Armband, you’ll be able to perform hand gestures and control your digital activity that way. The band reads the electrical activity of your muscles and performs accordingly. Delivering presentations with this will be super easy.

P.A.C.O Gesture Control Speaker

Wirelessly stream your favorite tracks and enjoy gesture control on this P.A.C.O Gesture Control Speaker by Digital Habit(s). It’s a beautifully designed digital loudspeaker which can stream music from different sources such as smartphones, PC or MP3 players. The design is pretty neat and simple which has a gesture interface to make it easy for you to control your player.

Mycestro Wearable Mouse

Use gestures to control your cursor on the computer screen. The Mycestro Wearable Mouse takes the entire operation to a new level with the help of gesture control. It’s ideal for use on planes or conferences or any other place that lacks the presence of horizontal surfaces. In fact, by using this mouse you can actually make your presentations way more interesting and super fun.

Impression π: Mobile VR+AR with Gesture+Position Tracking

Impression PI is a revolutionary VR headset. It is wireless, enabling unlimited movement, and incorporates 3D gesture control, position tracking, and a perfect combination of both virtual and augmented realities, to provide you the most complete and interactive VR and AR experience. At Impression Pi’s core is a computer-vision powerhouse — made possible by our specially designed sensing hardware, computing unit, and advanced algorithms.

Osound Bluetooth Speaker by Digital Habit(s)

Enjoy the magnificence of a wall-mounted speaker capable of withstanding gesture control by installing this Osound Bluetooth Speaker from Digital Habit(s) indoors. It is a beautifully designed speaker built especially for wall mounting. Using a Bluetooth connection, the speaker is capable of playing music from any device.

ZKOO — The World’s Most Advanced Gesture Tracking Camera

Interact with the apps on your device in a whole new way with ZKOO, the world’s most advanced gesture tracking camera. Working with PC and Android devices and connecting to your TV, this camera has incredibly quick and accurate gesture tracking up tot ten feet away. Your gestures are instantly read and translated into controls, letting you interact with with apps like never before.

For more such wearable tech, check our collection here.



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