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12 Unique MacBook Accessories That Are Just Too Cool

Having a MacBook is no less than a working privilege. It’s fast, convenient and highly portable as a working laptop. But sometimes, when it comes to testing its versatility, you do need the help of some accessories. Here are some of our favorite MacBook accessories that simply takes your Mac experience one step further. Just keep working in style!

Laptop Privacy Workstation

Make everywhere your own personal office with the Alcove Mobile Laptop Privacy Workstation. This laptop case serves a dual purpose: when open, it gives you total privacy with unfolding walls. The Alcove is superbly compact and lightweight while adding protection to your device when folded down.

Smart Laptop Charging Sleeve

Introducing the LAER Smart Laptop Charging Sleeve. Creativity and productivity don’t just happen at your desk anymore. Ideas are shaped on the go and when you’re on the move you don’t need to see flashing battery icons and 10% notifications. You need power that moves with you. LAER was created to simplify your life.

Real Stone MacBook Covers

Take your laptop to the next level with the Gimmestone Real Stone MacBook Covers. Forget about simple stickers and silicone covers. Instead, you get genuine stone. Incredibly, even with this natural material, the Gimmestone Covers measure just 0.8mm thick. With this, the cover helps you retain the original design while offering total protection.

Advanced Smart Keyboard

Upgrade your workflow in every program with the Logitech Craft Advanced Smart Keyboard. Minimalist yet capable, this modern keyboard is complete with a creative input dial. In the upper left corner is a smooth moving dial that you can adjust in small increments.

Super Thin MacBook Stand

Take your ergonomics on the go with the BaseLift Super Thin MacBook Stand by Twelve South. Offering a slight angle, this stand puts your screen at the perfect height and angle for computing. However, it isn’t just the lift that is ultra convenient. In addition, the BaseLift Stand attaches right to your MacBook

Concealing MacBook Sleeve

On the exterior, the BookBook Vol. 2 looks just like a classic book you’d find on a bookshelf. The spine has all the characteristics of an encyclopedia while the front and back look like generic book covers. However, the inside provides protection for your laptop.

Vertical MacBook Stand

This arc shaped stand with a marvellous Birch finish poses to elevate your Macbooks from the workspace thus offering a much cleaner tabletop appearance.

Magnetic Privacy Screen for MacBook

Experience total privacy with the STARK Magnetic Privacy Screen for MacBook. Amazingly, this screen attaches directly to your laptop with nothing more than magnets. Perfect for the office as well as using your laptop in public, this screen adds an effective dark cover to your laptop. With it, you get a crystal clear, 60-degree viewing angle.

Type-C Multi-Port Adapter

Totally enhance your laptop or desktop with the Satechi Type-C Multi-Port Adapter. Featuring loads of modern ports, you can improve your setup instantly. The Satechi Adapter is complete with both 4K and HDMI ports to really show off your media at its best. In addition, it has three USB Type-A ports along with an Ethernet port for more traditional devices.

Smallest Laptop Charger

Say no to those bulky laptop chargers and go for DART-C, the smallest laptop charger instead. This charger is specifically designed for the USB Type-C laptops. What makes it one of a kind is the sleek and lightweight design. In fact, this charger is about four times smaller than the ones available in the market today.

Touchscreen Sensor for MacBook Air

If you want to get a touchscreen sensor for your MacBook Air, get an AirBar. This is a unique plug-and-touch solution for your MacBook Air. What it does is pretty simple. It just makes your MacBook screen touchscreen compatible. As a result, you will get a brand new way to interact with your MacBook.

Portable Bamboo MacBook Stand

Lift your MacBook off the desk for better air circulation with this Portable Bamboo MacBook Stand. The stand is made of a single piece of bamboo that props out as a stand whenever necessary. Once done, you can fold it up and store it as a single piece of bamboo.

For more such Mac accessories, check our collection here.



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