12 Virtual Reality Gadgets to Give You a Unique Experience

VR is indeed the next big thing in technology. You can’t deny that. Just to make sure you are in line with this side of technology, here are some of the latest and the best from the world of virtual reality you might want to have a look at. These gadgets are truly one of a kind.

FOVE — Eye Tracking VR Headset

FOVE VR Headset gives you the feel of human connection in the virtual world. Look, laugh, and communicate naturally with virtual characters and other players. By implementing FOVE technology, game developers can create genuine two-way interaction experiences in virtual worlds. It also enables simulated light field rendering based on a person’s real-time field-of-view. This creates a sense of presence and immersion.

Daydream View VR Headset by Google

Google loves the fact that virtual reality can make you feel as if you’re somewhere else. At I/O this May 2016, they announced Daydream, a platform for high-quality mobile VR. Their goal for Daydream is to simplify the complexity behind virtual reality. It should be mobile so you can easily carry it with you, and it should be friendly and accessible so everyone can enjoy using it. Daydream View is a VR headset and controller by Google that lets you explore new worlds, kick back in your personal VR cinema, and play games that put you at the center of the action. Slide in your Daydream-ready phone (Pixel as of now) to experience high-quality mobile VR from virtually anywhere.

DJI Drone Goggles

The Goggles look very much like a VR headset and are designed to deliver a video feed from the drone in real time, letting you control the quadcopter with a first-person view. The visor uses DJI’s OcuSync tech, displaying an 85-degree view from the Mavic in full 1080p — right from the drone. You can pair two headsets to one drone and share your flying skills with a friend. This, when paired with the drone, will give an ultimate drone-flying experience altogether. It would be great to use these with your friends and go for those drone flying races during weekends.

Samsung 4th Edition Gear VR Headset

Enjoy otherworldly adventures more comfortably with the Samsung 4th Edition Gear VR Headset. Designed to be compatible with the latest smartphones from Samsung, including the Note 7, this newly engineered headset offers a wider field of view of 101 degrees and it also features improvements to enhance your comfort. The midnight blue exterior is complemented by the black interior while the straps have been lengthened and given more padding for added customization.

Dashbon Mask

Mask is a revolutionary, all-in-one, wearable device that combines a pair of HD virtual projection near-eye displays with high-fidelity audio headphones. Just plug Mask into any smartphone with its included HDMI cable and GO! Stream your favorite TV programs, movies, video games and more. Mask gives you an unparalleled “big screen” viewing experience wherever you go.

Vuze Virtual Reality Camera

Relive the party from any angle with the Vuze Virtual Reality Camera. Revolutionizing the way you record, Vuze is the world’s first 3D 360 spherical VR camera. Designed to be taken everywhere you go, this camera is super lightweight and compact measuring just 12cm across and 3cm tall. Capturing everything around you is as simple as a single snap. The software inside automatically generates the VR while also capturing 2D stills thanks to the eight full HD cameras built in.

View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack

Start experiencing reality like never before with the View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack. Designed to work with your smartphone, this kit can take you on adventures all around the world and universe. It’s a modern take on the original View-Master, but this time it gets digital. Download the accompanying app available for both Android and iOS smartphones, slide in your phone, hold the device up to your eyes, and get 360-degree views of just about anything. Move your head in all directions to explore and it feels like you’re right there!

PlayStation VR Headset

Experience all of your games like you’re there with the PlayStation VR Headset. Working with your PlayStation 4, this headset also connects to your PlayStation Camera to unlock a whole new world in your games. The PlayStation VR offers insanely clear and seamless visuals, letting you move freely and see it all. Additionally, the 3D audio system also lets you experience sound as if you’re there, sensing each sound from their exact position.

VR Smartphone Goggles by Merge

Experience quality virtual reality using just your smartphone with the VR Smartphone Goggles by Merge. Coming in a futuristic purple, you can go on adventures, play games, and even see a concert anywhere you are. Made of soft and lightweight foam, the VR Smartphone Goggles sit comfortable on your face and contour to any shape and they’re durable enough to be thrown into your bag with all of your necessities. Dual button input lets you interact with content in the virtual environment for an activity like no other.

LG 360 VR — Mobile Virtual Reality Just Like Reading Glasses

Designed to go with LG’s new smartphone G5, the LG 360 VR are dedicated virtual reality glasses for the mobile friendly generation. You don’t have to put your phone in them but plug them directly to your phone’s USB-C jack. These glasses are small and about one-third the weight of similar high-end phone-based VR goggles. Inside the design you’ll find two focus-adjustable 1080p OLED screens.

HTC Vive VR Headset

Coming as a joint venture from HTC and Valve, the HTC Vive VR Headset is a fantastic design that delivers on the promise of VR with best-in-class technology and content. You can call Vive headset as the first of its kind which will allow you to be visually, physically and emotionally amazed by new virtual worlds filled with awe-inspiring characters, sights and sounds. This is that kind of innovation which you can see, feel, touch as well as hear.

Teslasuit — The World’s First Full Body Haptic Suit

Fully immerse yourself into virtual reality with Teslasuit, the world’s first full body haptic suit. Designed with a totally upgradable modular system, this suit can be customized to be perfect for each of your virtual reality experiences. The suit uses 52 different points on your body to deliver haptic feedback. The suit mimics feelings all over your body with mild electric pulses to make the virtual experience seem as real as can be. With Teslasuit, you can experience sensations such as a hug or even a gunshot.

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