13 Smart Door Locks for Keeping Those Burglars Away

US burglary rates are increasing day by day. But recent statistics say that a home with smart gadgets is less prone to be attacked than a home without one. This clearly shows why you must go for a smart home gadget. There are tons of them out there you can choose from. Let the day begin with smart door locks as of now. These make the age old concept of using keys for opening your door a history. All you need now is a smartphone. And if yours get stolen, you can still make sure no one gets to entire your premises without your consent.

Obsidian Smart Lock by Kwikset

Your indoor lock gets even smarter now with the Obsidian Smart Lock by Kwikset. This is a sleek, key-free smart lock for all modern households. In addition, the design is pretty unusual and ideal for the latest smart home sector. With this lock at home, you will no longer require the need for traditional keys.

Gate — The First Camera-Equipped Smart Lock

Gate is the first all-in-one solution for home access. With Gate, you can lock and unlock your door for trusted individuals from anywhere, anytime. Gate features a keypad lock; motion-activated camera, a call button, all on top of your traditional deadbolt. Gate enhances your deadbolt lock capabilities.

Kevo Convert Smart Lock Kit

Protect your home with the power of technology with the Kevo Convert Smart Lock Kit. Easily installing to replace your existing deadbolt, this smart lock gives you the ability to monitor your door no matter where you are. Using the app, you can control Kevo Convert and even grant access to your friends and family when you’re out.

Danalock Smart Lock

Stop hunting for keys in your bag or pocket and open doors digitally using this new smart home device called the Danalock Smart Lock. It’s a Bluetooth-enabled smart lock system which comes with the auto unlock feature that will activate every time your phone is sensed.

Ultraloq Smart Lock — Simplify Your Safety

Ultraloq UL3 BT is world’s first Bluetooth enabled fingerprint and touchscreen smart lever lock. You’re In. With or Without Phone. Ultraloq UL3 BT smart lever lock is designed to be RealKeyless for maximum flexibility and convenience. You are free to use fingerprint, code, key or smartphone to unlock.

Altro Smart Lock

Altro Smart Lock is a Bluetooth & Wi-Fi enabled smart lock. Its unique design makes it Unpickable and Tamper-Proof. Security means not just feeling like all is well, but knowing it is. We have noticed that current dead-bolts are not secure enough and smart-locks are just adding convenience while they do not add to existing security.

Bluetooth Enabled Smart Lock

If you happen to go through the hassle of losing your home keys pretty often, the Bluetooth Enabled Smart Lock by Okidokeys is the right gadget for you. This is one of those smart locks which provides a secure, simple and practical way to access your home from your smartphone.

90K Lock — The Revolutionary Smart Lock

Get unparalleled accessibility and security with the 90K Lock, the revolutionary smart lock system. Using the latest technology, the 90K Lock detects fingerprints in order to open the door. With the built-in mic and wide lens HD camera, you can also have a live video feed of anyone that rings the doorbell and even have a two-way video chat from your smartphone or tablet.

August Smart Lock Now With HomeKit Support

Keeping track of who comes to your place is now possible from your Android or iOS smartphone. All you need is an August Smart Lock on your door. It gives your smartphone the power to be a smart key for your door. No more physical keys. Time to go virtual now with the August Smart Lock.

Friday Smart Lock

The Friday Smart Lock infuses cutting-edge design, functionality and security in the world’s most advanced Smart Lock. Designed by world-renowned architects, BIG; Friday is also Apple HomeKit and Thread compatible, paving the way to a more thoughtful, conscious house. Friday has interchangeable shells in natural materials (Porcelain, Stainless Steel, Wood, Gunmetal, Brass and more, which allows you to match your home decor, rather than forcing a fixed color and material choice.

Ola Fingerprint Smart Lock

The world’s first keyless and phoneless Bluetooth enabled fingerprint smart lock. The fastest operation. The longest battery life. Ola is the first smart lock on the market to incorporate Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and capacitive fingerprint technology, making Ola not only keyless but phoneless.

August Smart Keypad

Don’t run the risk of a break in with your keys left in a secret spot. Protect your home and grant access with the August Smart Keypad. Working with the August Smart Lock, this device allows you to create custom entry codes to open the lock without your keys. The August Smart Keypad is ideal for granting access to your friends, family, maintenance workers, cleaner, dog walker, or anyone else who may need to enter your home when you’re not there.

TappLock — The World’s First Smart Fingerprint Padlock

Get the ultimate bespoke security with TappLock, the world’s first smart fingerprint padlock. Padlocks, although going without an update for decades, are still used to lock our bikes, lockers, sheds, and more.

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