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How many hours do you spend on your Mac? No matter how many hours you do, you need to make sure that it stays safe and sound. That can only be done if you choose the perfect accessories to complement your Mac. From cases to stands, these 15 accessories are undoubtedly one of the best ways you can make sure your MacBook works fine for years.

STARK Magnetic Privacy Screen for MacBook

Experience total privacy with the STARK Magnetic Privacy Screen for MacBook. Amazingly, this screen attaches directly to your laptop with nothing more than magnets. Perfect for the office as well as using your laptop in public, this screen adds an effective dark cover to your laptop. With it, you get a crystal clear, 60-degree viewing angle.

TarDisk Pear — Double Macbook Storage

TarDisk Pear is first and foremost an incredibly simple way to do more with your MacBook. TarDisk Pear increases the size of your MacBook Pro storage and does everything a new hard drive should but in a revolutionary way.

Transparent MacBook Case

Keep your MacBook safe and secure without compromising its design by using this Transparent MacBook Case. The case has only 1 mm thickness and is one of the coolest ways you can make sure your MacBook stays safe from unwanted damage.

BaseLift Super Thin MacBook Stand

Take your ergonomics on the go with the BaseLift Super Thin MacBook Stand by Twelve South. Offering a slight angle, this stand puts your screen at the perfect height and angle for computing. However, it isn’t just the lift that is ultra convenient. In addition, the BaseLift Stand attaches right to your MacBook.

BANERET Matte White Computer Stand

Elevate your workspace with the BANERET Matte White Computer Stand. Rich in minimalist style, this stand places your desktop or laptop at eye level. The design achieves an ergonomic benefit to help prevent you from slouching over your desk. In addition, the lifting of your screen frees up some valuable real estate on your work surface.

Vaja MacBook Pro Touch Leather Case

Dress up your laptop in style with the Vaja MacBook Pro Touch Leather Case. Snapping into place with ease, this case features six fixing snaps for total security and protection. In addition, this construction allows you to easily attach and remove the case as you need. The MacBook Pro Leather Case uses premium natural floater leather to give the case a wonderful texture.

Elgato Thunderbolt 3 Laptop Dock

Connect to your laptop with ease when you have the Elgato Thunderbolt 3 Laptop Dock. Ideal for your MacBook Pro or Windows laptop, this system allows you to enhance your workspace instantly. The device plugs into your laptop using the USB-C port and provides you with all the extra ports you need.

Stood Minimal Wood Laptop Stand

Elevate your work with the Stood Minimal Wood Laptop Stand. Featuring stunning beech wood, this system actually folds totally flat when it’s not in use. Additionally, the lightweight design consists of just two parts. To use, simply cross the pieces of wood and slide together. The edges of the Stood Stand have a small lip to hold your laptop in place.

EcoSkin Wooden MacBook Axe Skin

Class up your device with the EcoSkin Wooden MacBook Axe Skin by Woodcessories. Featuring real walnut wood, this sleek skin uses handcrafted and certified wood. In addition, it’s handmade to ensure that it fits your device with ease.

Marble Texture MacBook Case

Give your MacBook an elegant protection in the form of this Marble Texture MacBook Case. The design looks highly classy and sophisticated. In fact, this design is for those who want to customize the look and feel of their MacBook. Additionally, the marble texture adds an extra spark to the overall design.

Satechi Lightweight Portable Laptop Stand

Give yourself an ergonomic boost with the Satechi Lightweight Portable Laptop Stand. Featuring durable aluminum, this stand is perfect for taking on the go wherever you go. The ultra slim form factor is modern and sleek and also serves to raise your laptop off your desk. With this, it puts your screen at eye level to give you better posture.

Arch Aluminum Laptop Stand

Tidy up your desk with the Arch Aluminum Laptop Stand. Offering a stunning aesthetic, the stand keeps your screen at the ideal ergonomic height. Perfect for laptops as well as desktops, the Arch Stand has a stunningly elegant yet minimalist design.

Handmade MacBook Case with Organizer

Now you can carry your MacBook to work in a more stylish way with this Handmade MacBook Case with Organizer. As a matter of fact, this waterproof design is perfect for everyday use. There is also a separate layer for carrying all your everyday accessories. So, you will be able to carry your MacBook and your everyday carry in one case from now and on.

Leather MacBook Sleeve by Quell and Co

Store your laptop with confidence with the Leather MacBook Sleeve by Quell and Co. Featuring stunning leather, this sleeve also comes in a smaller size for your iPad. On the front of the all-black Leather Sleeve are three functional pockets.

Natural Bamboo Laptop Stand for MacBook

Working on your laptop in the bed or the couch just got easier with this Natural Bamboo Laptop Stand for MacBook. The design is ideally made for those who like to work with their MacBooks on the lap. The stand is made out of hand-finished bamboo.

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