15 Gaming Gadgets for Your “Video-Game” Days

There’s nothing like the pleasure of a PlayStation break during weekends. But just to make sure you make the most of it, you need the right accessories to go with it. Here are some of the best gadgets to go for.

Logitech K830 Illuminated Wireless Keyboard and Touchpad

Receive total control right at your fingertips with the Logitech K830 Illuminated Wireless Keyboard and Touchpad. Connecting to your devices using Bluetooth, you’re able to type, scroll, and navigate even in the dark. The K830 Keyboard and Touchpad is designed for the living room and pairing with your smart TV. The keyboard goes beyond the traditional call of duty and also provides instantly controls for the volume, mute, and up and down controls for entertainment selection.

PlayStation 4 Pro

The engineering and design teams from PlayStation collaborated to consolidate PS4’s high-performance technology into a smaller, more energy efficient form factor. When comparing the new PS4 model to the current model, they have reduced volume by 30 percent, weight by 16 percent, and power consumption by 28 percent. Despite the sleek design, the new model packs all of the same powerful components that have made PS4 the best place to play.

Analogue Nt Mini Gaming Console

Kick it old school with the Analogue Nt Mini Gaming Console. Coming with a Retro Receiver and the highest quality aftermarket NES controller, the NES30 by 8Bitdo, this system lets you play NES games wirelessly and without any lag. From Duck Hunt to Super Mario, the Nt Mini has the exact same compatibility as the original Nt but with a modern twist. The console is specially crafted from a solid block of 6061 aluminum for a lightweight yet durable design that is second to none.

Alienware 17 Notebook With Eye Tracking

Alienware 17 is one of the world’s first notebook to capitalize on eye tracking’s unique ability to identify and anticipate a user’s actions based on their presence and attention. With deep integration across both hardware and software, eye tracking functionality found in the Alienware 17 makes it more responsive and more in sync with the user.

Acer Predator 21 X Gaming Laptop

Get ready to win with the Acer predator 21 X Gaming Laptop. Forgoing the trend of slim design, this fully-loaded laptop has everything you need to excel. Complete with 64GB of RAM, a whopping four terabytes of SSD storage, and even a pair of GeForce GTX 1080 GPUs, the Predator 21 X uses a total of five cooling fans to keep everything running smoothly. The Predator 21 X even has a stunning curved screen to display all the action in unprecedented detail.

Roccat Sova Gaming Lapboard

If you want to experience your favorite game from the comfort of a couch or chair via PC, Steam machine, or streaming device, the Roccat Sova gaming lapboard is a design made for you. It is an ideal lapboard for couch gaming that is here to bridge the gap between desk-and-chair PC gaming and living room play. From the durable fiber/plastic blend, the cushioned underside parts, to the perfectly placed wrist-rest, this lapboard is a design you can consider to be effortless.

Hover X Ultimate Gamer’s LapDesk

Get to play games like a pro by using the Hover X Ultimate Gamer’s LapDesk. Just like the name suggests, this LapDesk will hold your laptop and has additional places for a mouse as well as a phone and tablet display. It ventilates your laptop and will let any extra heat that is generated to be absorbed within the material. The temperature control is actually a great feature that will never let you feel the heat while working with this setup.

Gamevice Controller for iPad Air and iPad Pro

Having agility and precision in your tablet games is now possible thanks to the Gamevice Controller for iPad Air and iPad Pro. Securely and easily gripping your tablet right on the controller, this innovative device gives you full handheld control while you play. Made to be ultra sleek, the Gamevice Controller is ergonomically shaped to provide not only comfort but also unrivalled control.

Portable Gaming Environment by GAEMS

Travel with your Xbox 360 or PS3 Slim with the Portable Gaming Environment by GAEMS. It is a perfect gaming accessory you can use at dorm rooms, barracks or for monitoring your child’s gaming time. The set allows access to gaming anywhere as well as secures your console, controllers and power supply. It adds tons of new features and benefits to your otherwise familiar design of the G155.

Nintendo Entertainment System — NES Classic Edition

From Bubble Bobble to The Legend of Zelda to Super Mario, the groundbreaking NES since 1985 is now brought down to a miniaturized version. The NES Classic Edition is for those who want to relive the joy of playing those yesteryear video games yet again. All you have to do is plug the NES Classic Edition into your TV, pick up that gray controller, and rediscover the joy of NES games. The set includes the NES Classic Controller so that you’re able to play the games like they are meant to be played.

SteelSeries Rival 700 OLED Gaming Mouse

Are you ready to take your gaming to the next level or do you prefer to be left behind? If you opt for the former, then the SteelSeries Rival 700 OLED Gaming Mouse is exactly the gear you need to succeed. Immediately noticeable on this mouse is the OLED screen mounted on the side. The Rival 700 uses this screen to show data on the screen, such as a team logo or game stats, as well as allow you to access and adjust your settings without having to open up software on your PC.

Razer Turret Gaming Mouse and Lapboard

Pick up where you left off from the best seat in the house with the Razer Turret Gaming Mouse and Lapboard. Comfortable resting on your legs, this set gives you all the controls you need to demolish any opponent. Because it’s a full keyboard and a dynamic mouse, you’re able to access the controls as well as type in commands without switching devices or feeling limited — all from your couch. The Gaming Mouse has an incredible 3500 DPI sensor while the magneticmouse mat keeps it in its place

LucidSound LS30 Gaming Headset

Introducing the LucidSound LS30 Gaming Headset, the one that doesn’t make any compromises. From the obvious style down to the stunning audio, this should be your next headset whether you’re due on or not. The brushed metal chassis of the LS30 is a firm accompaniment to the shiny black ear cups. Each ear piece offers ample padding and is finished with soft black leather.

Razer Stargazer Depth-Sensing Webcam

Experience your games like never before with the Razer Stargazer Depth-Sensing Webcam. As the world’s most advanced webcam, the Razer Stargazer has the highest frame-rate capture available. With an incredible 60 frames per second, it’ll feel like you’re a part of the game in real life. The Razer Stargazer is also equipped with dynamic background removal capability, 3D scanning, as well as facial and gesture recognition. Without a green screen or lag, you can add yourself or any object to the screen and command this webcam with unrivalled intuitive control. The built in microphone has automatic noise cancellation technology and the kit comes with a flexible clip so the camera can attach to your desktop or laptop.

GAEMS M155 — The 15.5” HD Portable Gaming Monitor

Take your gaming on the go wherever you are with the GAEMES M155, the 15.5-inch portable gaming monitor. Working with PS4, Xbox One, and other popular gaming consoles, the GAEMS M155 is the perfect solution. Rather than lug a TV around or find an available one that has the appropriate ports, you can take the GAEMS M155 to get a full gaming experience by easily connecting to any console.

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