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Are you planning on hitting the slopes this winter? Perhaps you enjoy the challenge of a black diamond or maybe you play it safe and stick to the green circles. Whether you ski, snowboard, or bobsleigh, the harsh temperatures and stunning views are unlike anything else. Each trip down the mountain is as exhilarating as the first, year after year. To help you prepare, we’ve got a list of the best winter gadgets. They’ll keep you warm, help you glide down the mountain, and even record the action so you can relive it all.

SNOOKS Women’s Ski & Snowboard Outerwear

This collection of clothing is designed by women, for women. Rather than the traditional “pink it and shrink it” mentality, each garment has a thoughtful design for the perfect fit. And, there’s no pink in sight.

SLICER All-Season Sled

Instead of putting the sled on a slippery frozen surface, a slippery frozen surface is put on the bottom of the sled! Each SLICER sled comes with two special molds, called ICERS, that are used to freeze thin blocks of ice (in a standard side-by-side refrigerator/freezer) that are then attached to the bottom of the sled.

napo gloves Touchscreen Leather Gloves

These gloves give you the stunning luxurious look you’re after without the hefty price tag. Coming in sizes for men and women, these gloves are ideal for anything from driving to your city commute.

Ravean Heated Down Jacket with 6X Charging

This ultra-thin yet warming washable jacket is designed to be worn every day with whatever weather you encounter. Giving you heat where it matters, on your chest, back, and in the pockets, the battery lasts for up to ten hours and takes just 90 minutes for a full charge.

Trac-Grabber Traction Solution for Vehicles

Much more effective than a piece of wood, arduous shoveling, or painful pushing, this simple system works with a variety of cars, vans, and ATVs to add traction when stuck in the mud, ice, or snow. The thick strap secures the rubber base of the Trac-Grabber to your tires.

Grip2ü GettaGrip BOOST iPhone X Grip Case

Totally encasing your device, this case offers incredible protection on every side. The Grip Case also has something unique on the back. The Grip Case has a built-in handle. When you’re holding your smartphone, you can slip your hand into the durable grip.

GoPro Karma Drone

This sleek new quadcopter can easily be folded up for easy transport and is capable of taking stunning footage when paired with the Hero 5 Black, Hero 5 Session, or Hero 4 Black + Silver camera.

GoPro 3-Way Mount

It has been configured in a way such that you can use it for multiple purposes which include capturing POV footage as well as selfies. It could also work for shooting those static tripod shots as well.

DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White Drone

Designed for Apple devices, this big rig is complete with a powerful camera that captures in 4K resolution. In addition, it also records in stunning HD slow motion. The Mavic Pro uses the intelligence of DJI to take things up a notch.

DJI Spark Mini Drone

Complete with a camera, this drone has advanced technology to snap images unlike ever before. The Spark Drone has intelligent in-flight modes. Coming from DJI, this drone is easy to fly with a single tap.

Carv Real-Time Ski Wearable

Developed by MotionMetrics, this device slides comfortably into your ski boot and analyzes every move you make from the chairlift to the base. The insert is powered by a tracker on the back of the boot and detects pressure as well as a motion to analyze your form.

Majic Ski/Snowboard Helmet

With an Integrated Visor by Osbe. The beauty of this helmet lies in its design which features an integrated visor that has been folded away inside the helmet. This will minimize wind as well as water from entering the helmet, thus meeting the demands of athletes in all kinds of weather conditions.

Hookease Ski Trainer

It’s especially useful for beginners who are attempting to ski for the first time. Parents and ski instructors get to actually show and guide students than just tell them how to do it.

Snowball Blaster Pro

Not only does it launch snowballs at your rival, it also makes them. Just add snow, close the lid, and get three perfectly formed snowballs about the size of a softball each ready for your opponent.

MyCharge AdventureUltra 13400 Portable Charger

As one of the largest power banks from the brand, this device really delivers. The massive 13400mAh battery can power up your laptop, smartphone, tablet, and every device in between. It’s armed with two USB-A ports for all of your devices.

Did you use more gadgets on your ski trip? Let us know in the comments below.



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