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18 must-have school supplies to make your first day the best yet

Originally published at Gadget Flow on August 16, 2018.

  • How long does the back to school shopping season last? Based on the US, Europe, and Canada school year, this sales for back to school shopping usually last from mid-July to early/mid-September before the new school year starts.
  • Is a phobia of going to school real? Yes, fear of going to school is actually a phobia for 2.4% of children worldwide. It is called didaskaleinophobia!
  • How many US public schools have internet access? 100% — In fact, statistics say that there is now one computer for every four classrooms in the US.

The new school year is almost here which means you’re checking off your back to school shopping list. Having all the necessary accessories is a sure-fire way to make this year better than ever. In an age where smart devices are taking over the old ways of accessorizing, it’s necessary to think of ways to make sure your school accessories are smarter than before.

Here is our list of must-have school supplies you need before heading back to the classroom.

Moleskin Pen+ Ellipse Smart Pen

The coolest feature of this pen is that although it’s a smartpen, it doesn’t feel like one. You take notes as normal but the pen uses its built-in memory to store them in the cloud so that you can access them anytime you want.

Revo Connected Paper Journal

Maintaining a journal in school helps you organize your day and improve your focus. With this smart journal, you can actually turn that entire process into a smart activity. Write like you usually do and, when you want to add more content, simply scan the code at the bottom of the page using the mobile app to back it all up.

Connected Paper Journal

KOSMOS Award Winning Pen

For those of you who like the traditional way of writing, this award-winning pen is an absolute must-have. The minimalistic design of KOSMOS is based on a universal pattern of nature: the Golden Ratio which can be credited for the pen’s harmonic aesthetics that turns out to be ergonomic, too.

Award Winning Pen

Backpack with USB Charging

Bringing your devices to the classroom is the norm (whether your teacher likes it or not). To make sure they have enough juice to power through your day you need not lug around a power bank. Instead, this multifunctional backpack does exactly two jobs in one. The bag features a USB charger you can use to top up your mobile devices anywhere on the go.

Backpack with USB Charging

Smart Alarm Clock

The hardest part of starting the school year is getting into a new routine. Having a smart alarm clock can make sure you not only wake up on time but you feel great doing it. The Amazon Echo Spot is a great solution to make your morning more productive. It helps you get ready by telling you about the traffic, weather, recent news, your calendar, and so much more.

Smart Alarm Clock

Bookbook CaddySack Cable Travel Tote

With gadgets come cables and they can clutter up your bag pretty quickly. This travel totehelps you organize your cables to keep your bag neat and tidy. The elastic straps make sure all your cables stay in place.

Cable Travel Tote

Focus Improving Headset

When you are in school, you need to build your focus so that you are 100% attentive in every class. Using Brain Advantage on a regular basis helps improve your brain’s ability to grow new neurons. It also optimizes existing neuronal networks to benefit your life both in and out of the classroom.

Focus Improving Headset

High Tech Wireless Charging Binder

Looking to be more productive than ever? This High Tech Binder will get you there. Not only does it have pages for planning and more, it also houses a built-in power bank as well as all the cables you need. Plus, the RFID blocking cover keeps everything safe inside.

Study Desk

As all students know, homework is a major component of school. Having a productive desk at home can help you complete all your tasks. The Modulos Adjustable Modular Deskprovides space for your creativity to soar. You can adjust this desk as you require to maximize your brain power.

Adjustable Modular Desk

Modular Desk Organizer

When you have a desk, you need to keep it organized. The Composure Collection is the most elegant and customizable desktop organizer with a range of attachments for the Apple Watch, your smartphone, and all your every day carry items. The magnetic modularity allows for adding and removing of attachments whenever you need.

Modular Desk Organizer

Kano Harry Potter Coding Wand

Learning isn’t confined to the classroom. Take your knowledge to the next level (and another world) even after school’s out with the Kano Wand. Based on Harry Potter’s wand, you built the wand and its code through more than 70 step-by-step educational challenges.


We know that in an age of smartphones, having a calculator is so 1990s. But, unfortunately, phones aren’t always allowed in class which is why you still need a calculator. Great for high school students, this innovative calculator is extremely easy to use. At the top is a super clear high-resolution color screen. Offering 320 x 240 pixels, you can view plenty of details for all of your graphs.

Back to School Calculator


One of the downsides of school is the food. But, a great lunchbox helps you take mom or dad’s cooking every single day. This innovative lunchbox comes with multiple modular containers to hold each of the foods you need throughout the day. The containers are all totally leak-proof and are dishwasher and microwave safe with ample space for your food.

Book Page Holder

Reading and school go hand in hand which is why having a one-hand book page holderlike this is so essential. It lets you read comfortably even while commuting.

Useful Bookmark

And, when you are done with reading, you need to remember the page with a bookmark. This one with an electrical circuit inside is fun and practical to help you read well into the night.

Illuminated Bookmark

The right laptop

These days, a powerful laptop seems like an absolute must for all levels of education. But, there are so many options to buy today. We’ve compiled a list of laptops based on affordability and features to help you find the best one for you.

Logitech Craft Advanced Smart Keyboard

You can use this keyboard with your laptop, desktop, phone, or tablet. This futuristic keyboard features an Easy-Switch button to enable you to go from typing on your large monitor to your smartphone and back again with minimal effort.

Swiftpoint GT Ergonomic iPad Travel Mouse

The key to this mouse is its portability. Compact and designed with the iPad in mind, this mouse has an incredible battery life to help you work wherever you go. Plus, it has a patented pen-like grip design to reduce arm and shoulder pain.



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