20+ Kitchen Accessories Under $20

Do you enjoy your kitchen life? And are you one of those who loves spending maximum time in the kitchen every day? You will love these kitchen accessories in that case. The coolest aspect of these accessories is not just their functionality but also the affordability. Here comes 20+ accessories you can have for your kitchen under $20. Grab some now!

S’More To Love S’More Maker

You won’t have to go through the pain and smoke of a campfire when you use to prepare your s’more on this S’More To Love S’More Maker. S’mores make a delicious treat for any outdoor picnic or camping trip and this product will make it easy for you to prepare those treats in an easy and hassle-free way.

Diamond Ice Cube Tray

This 6 karat Diamond Ice Cube Tray speaks of a new kind of ice cubes you can use to beautify your drinks apart from chilling them. They are diamond shaped cubes which gives an added spark to your drinks and is perfect for parties or any celebration.


Why wait until the ice cream is softened and partially soupy before scooping? Simply start dipping and the Thermo-ring heated scooping edges will help melt the ice cream ever so briefly while all remaining surfaces are insulated to keep the ice cream in its perfectly frozen state. ScoopTHAT! II utilizes heat transfer principles to draw heat from a non-electric and self-replenishing biodegradable energy reservoir.

Lucky Strike Oil & Vinegar Container Set

Don’t confuse them with your bowling pins as one blow can spill a lot of oil and vinegar simultaneously from the Lucky Strike Oil & Vinegar Container Set. They are shaped exactly like standard bowling pins, only with golden stripes around the neck. You can make good use of them when serving a salad or any other dish which requires these additional on the table.

Swanky Floating Ladle

Never lose your spoon again with the Swanky Floating Ladle. Incredibly, this kitchen utensil rests on top of any liquid in the pot. Featuring superb balance, the Swanky Ladle stays upright even in moving liquids. The handle of this ladle features an oh-so-elegant Swan and neck. At the top is the bill of the swan for additional dexterity and grip for when it’s time to serve.

Agatha Spoon Holder Steam Releaser

A watched pot never boils but one with the Agatha Spoon Holder Steam Releaser is always perfect. Rather than keeping a messy counter, this device firmly holds your stirring spoon above the pot. With this, you’ll always have it within reach and save yourself from messy counters. In addition to holding your spoon, Agatha also helps to release the steam from your cooking.

Wherever Water Cucumber Water Bottle

Enjoy the benefits of infused water with the Wherever Water Cucumber Water Bottle by Full Circle. This ingenious design allows for the fullest flavors from cucumber in your water. At the top of this water bottle is a removable spiral cutter. Simply place the cut cucumber in this mechanism and screw to slice.

Wooden Fruit Reamer from FistCase

Enjoy freshly squeezed juice without lugging out an appliance with the Wooden Fruit Reamer from FistCase. Mae with solid wood, this all natural tool is a must have for every kitchen. Precisely carved with sharp ridges and a pointed tip, the Wooden Fruit Reamer is pressed into your favorite citrus to extract the freshest juice.

Star Wars Death Star Kitchen Timer with Sounds

Use the power of the force to make sure all of your food is cooked to perfection with the Star Wars Death Star Kitchen Timer with sounds. Giving you up to 60 minutes of timing, this kitchen timer is equipped with authentic lights and sounds to alert you when time is up. The green superlaser and accompanying sound effects are sure to grab your attention.

M-Cuisine Rice Cooker

Enjoy the fluffiest rice every time with the M-Cuisine Rice Cooker by Joseph Joseph. This system is equipped with a two-liter cooking pot and a lid to perfectly cook your rice. Begin by using the included colander to measure, rinse, and drain the rice. Then, the colander is placed inside the cooking pot and you add the appropriate amount of water.

Zip-Eat! Jar Opener

Never fret over a stubborn jar again with the Zip-Eat! Jar Opener by Ototo Design. Sliding perfect around any sized jar and lid, this simple yet useful device helps you to unscrew any lid no matter how tight it is. The Zip-Eat! Jar Opener, which comes in a fun and vibrant duo of purple and deal, is easily zipped and unzipped to suit the size of the jar.

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