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25+ Gadgets for the Modern Remote Workers

Working is not confined within the boundaries of an official workspace anymore. We are back to that age when you could work even while under a tree (you never know when that 🍎 comes your way!). Remote working has its own perks. The most important being the fact that you get to live your life to the fullest while working on the go. So, even if you love traveling, no one’s going to tie you down to one place just for the sake of work. All you need is a good, working laptop, a fresh cup of cappuccino and some of these gadgets or accessories.

HELLO — The Most Advanced Video Communication Device

HELLO transforms any TV into the ultimate cross-platform communication device. It is an all-in-one, voice-controlled smart home or office device for video conferencing, wireless screen sharing, live broadcasting, security surveillance with motion detection and more. In fact, their latest Kickstarter stretch goal update says that HELLO will also have additional support for Microsoft Skype, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, and Cisco WebEx.

Think Board XL — Reusable Writing Surface

Think Board is a clear film that can turn any surface into a dry-erase/whiteboard writing surface! Place one on your wall, door, desk, fridge — anywhere you want to leave a message or get creative with ideas. Just peel & stick! It’s that easy. The coolest thing about this film is that it does not damage or leave a sticky residue on surfaces.

Betterspot Smart VPN Router

Stay protected while you browse with the Betterspot Smart VPN Router. This sleek and compact device enables you to access content previously unavailable such as geo-restricted or censored content while also giving you as much anonymity as possible.

Wottle Water Bottle, Hand Warmer + Power Bank

Make the most of your winter by keeping your drinks and hands warm with Wottle. It’s the coolest water bottle that can work as a hand warmer and a power bank. Yes, you heard that right! Coming in two designs (Wottle and Wottle Lite), this water bottle can keep your drinks warm for long hours.

The Edge Desk Ergonomic Workspace

Their customers have spoken and are thrilled with The Edge Desk! Join them NOW and change the way you live and work! Embrace the comfort of a proven ergonomic design and the focus of a workspace that puts things front and center without clutter. Add the ease of a portable design for storage, mobility, and complete flexibility.

Aubergine Inflatable Pillow

Top up on your sleep from anywhere with the Aubergine Inflatable Pillow. Requiring just a simple puff of air, this pillow expands and plumps to the perfect firmness. Using the Bernoulli effect, it really takes just one puff of air. This science is that the surrounding air actually multiplies the volume of your breath.

lofree Typewriter Inspired Keyboard

Get back to basics with the lofree Typewriter Inspired Keyboard. Featuring a luxuriously vintage design, this QWERTY device will gives you all those nostalgic memories. The lofree Keyboard features round retro keycaps for a classic look. You can customize the keys with your choice of backlighting.

Saent — Be Less Distracted

Instantly focus, block out distractions and develop better work habits. The world’s first smart device and software designed to make you more productive and do great work. Pressing the Saent button starts a focused work session. Instantly block out distractions, find your optimal work rhythm and build better work habits.

ParcSlope for MacBook

Most desktop stands lift your entire MacBook in the air, then require the use of a separate external keyboard and mouse. ParcSlope is a new kind of hybrid stand that elevates your MacBook screen higher — while tilting your keyboard at desk level for more comfortable typing.

WD My Passport 2TB Wireless Hard Drive

Always have your files on hand with the WD My Passport 2TB Wireless Hard Drive. Connecting seamlessly to your laptop, desktop, or mobile device, this small yet mighty hard drive is capable of connecting to up to eight devices all at once.

For more such office gadgets, check our collection here.



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