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29 Gadgets to Help You Get Better Sleep This Weekend

Well, after a busy week at work, we are finally on our way to a relaxing weekend. This apparently refers to getting a lot of sleep and we do need some. But since we are so much into technology, it is obvious that we love gadgets that make us sleep better. So today, we’d love to share some of our latest favorites from this category that gives you a better sleep every night. Take a look:

QuietSleep SmartMask Anti-Snoring Sleep Mask

Cut the noise and enjoy a full night’s sleep with the QuietSleep SmartMask Anti-Snoring Sleep Mask. Comfortable to wear and easy to use, the SmartMask uses advanced technology to quiet snoring noise once and for all. The mask itself has noise cancellation technology built right in.

2breathe Plus Sleep Inducer

Get your best night’s sleep ever with the 2breathe Plus Sleep Inducer. This smart system helps you effortlessly fall asleep night after night. Over the course of 60 days, the 2breathe Plus system gives you the ability to fall asleep with ease. Complete with an app and a band that goes around your ribs.

Gravity Therapeutic Weighted Blanket

Whisk yourself off to sleep with the Gravity Therapeutic Weighted Blanket. This blanket has a premium design that is based on deep touch stimulation. This treatment is actually proven to help with anxiety. This use of a weighted blanket allows the weight to gently and evenly distribute over your body with a deep pressure.

Bonjour Smart AI Alarm Clock

Wake up on the right side of the bed every morning with the Bonjour Smart AI Alarm Clock. Another incredible invention from Holi, this alarm clock has voice-controlled AI that turns it into your personal assistant.

iBand+ EEG Lucid Dream Headband

Experience the beautiful world of lucid dreams with iBand+. iBand+ is an EEG brain sensing and health tracking headband that monitors and analyzes users’ brainwaves, body movement, heart rate and body temperature to accurately recognize various sleep phases.

Curvilux Smart Sleep Nightstand

Improve every night of sleep with the Curvilux Smart Sleep Nightstand. Intelligent and powerful, the Curvilux Nightstand simulates the sunrise each morning. With this, your body naturally stops producing melatonin so you wake up feeling totally relaxed (and on time!).

Sunrise Smart Pillow

Wake up naturally and feeling great with the Sunrise Smart Light Pillow. In addition to offering exceptional comfort, this innovative pillow is equipped with smart lights. In fact, the Sunrise Pillow also includes 6 clinically proven methods to help aid in better sleep.

bFan Air Cooling Bed Fan

Fall asleep to the perfect temperature with the bFan®. This device is specifically designed to work with beds from 19 to 37 inches tall. The bFan® directs the airflow to move hot air from your body and out of your bed and replacing it with a gentle breeze of cool air between your sheets.

hugOne Sleep Tracking System

Get your entire family on the right track with sleep with the hugOne Sleep Tracking System and Sensors by Sevenhugs. Comprised of a central base and two sensors, this system automatically records sleep status; including light sleep, deep sleep, and awake time; the second someone gets into bed.

PONS Advanced Bed System

Experience total convenience at bedtime with the PONS Advanced Bed System. Featuring durable parts and materials, this bed frame requires zero tools for assembly. In addition, it takes just minutes. With premium wood material, the PONS Bed Frame offers convenient USB ports with easy access.

Kind Bed Orthopedic Support Pillow

Get the ultimate relaxation with the Kind Bed Orthopedic Support Pillow. Offering comfort from head to toe, this system keeps you comfortable as you sit up. The Kind Bed Pillow features four ergonomic pieces to keep you comfy. First, the Back Scoop offers firm lumbar support. Second, with the Scoop Cradle, it’s also fully adjustable.

Aubergine Inflatable Pillow

Top up on your sleep from anywhere with the Aubergine Inflatable Pillow. Requiring just a simple puff of air, this pillow expands and plumps to the perfect firmness. Using the Bernoulli effect, it really takes just one puff of air.

Nora — The Smart Snoring Solution

Kick snoring to the curb with Nora, the smart snoring solution. This non-invasive device works seamlessly in your bedroom. A small device sits on your nightstand and, when you snore, activates the Expander, which slides under your pillow. When activated, the Expander gently adjusts your head placement to stop the snoring in its tracks.

Sensorwake Oria Olfactory Sleep Enhancer

Rise and shine while feeling rested with the Sensorwake Oria Olfactory Sleep Enhancer. The creators of the olfactory alarm clock are back with this incredible night time device. Using patent-pending sleep enhancing scents, this device ensures you get a good night’s sleep every night. Backed by scientific studies, the scents emitted from Oria actually help you relax.

Hoodie Neck Pillow by Genuine Picks

Get some privacy while you slumber with the Hoodie Neck Pillow by Genuine Picks. Featuring high-quality materials, this is the most comfortable neck pillow you’ll ever experience. The pillow portion is actually viscoelastic memory foam with the perfect density for unconventional napping.

MedCline Sleep Positioning Wedge

Enjoy the benefits of side-sleeping without the discomfort with the MedCline Sleep Positioning Wedge. Specifically and medically designed to keep you comfortable all night, this innovative pillow features a padded hole through which you slide your arm. This hole helps your body to stay in the best position to help with acid reflux and GERD.

Complete Bedding Set by Smart Bedding

Making a bed every day will be history if you bring home the Complete Bedding Set by Smart Bedding. This consists of 1 duvet cover in your choice of color, 1 white top sheet, 1 white fitted sheet, and 2 white pillow cases which have been made from premium linen with an honest pricing. The design beats the traditional bedding flaws so that you can get to make your bed in a way that’s more comfortable and less cumbersome.

Somnova Smart Sleeping Mat

Say no to snoring and head for a peaceful sleep every night with the Somnova Smart Sleeping Mat. This non-invasive mat will make sure to switch your sleeping position and stop you from snoring in a silent way. It will also give you a relaxing acupoint massage for inducing a better sleep.

Portable Ostrich Sleeping Pillow

The Ostrich Pillow is an almost-perfect solution to the vexing problem of taking impromptu naps in transit while commuting and in the office. It’s not so easy to snooze on a moving bus or train that’s shaking and swaying and there’s no place to rest your head.

For the rest of the list, hop on to our collection here.



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