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6 VR headsets that will take you straight to the future

Originally published at Gadget Flow on July 17, 2018.

  • What’s the future of virtual reality? Apart from Spielberg’s idea of being a physical part of a virtual game, XPRIZE is aiming to build robot avatars that let you see, hear, and feel by 2021.
  • Can virtual reality work underwater? We’ve seen VR make gaming so much more fun. However, Ballast VR is taking the experience even further with their first aquatic virtual reality company.
  • Are VFX and VR the future of cinema? That totally depends on the viewer. You can move the screen, change its size, and literally physically enjoy the cinematic adventure.

When you wear a VR headset, the world around you changes instantly. It’s as if someone transported you to a whole new fantasy world you’ve always wanted to see. Whether it’s playing games or watching a movie or just traveling in virtual space, this hyper-realistic world of technology is addictive for tech as well as non-tech enthusiasts.

But, you can’t make the most of it without the perfect gear.

Here are our 6 favorite VR headsets that will truly help you explore the world of virtual reality like never before.

PlayStation VR Headset

Working with your PlayStation 4, this headset also connects to your PlayStation Camera to unlock a whole new world in your games. The PlayStation VR offers insanely clear and seamless visuals, letting you move freely and see it all. Additionally, the 3D audio system also lets you experience sound as if you’re there, sensing each sound from their exact position.

Why we love it: Not all VR headsets give you the ability to move freely in the physical world.

Varjo Bionic Display VR Headset

Featuring patented Bionic Display technology, this gadget allows you to view the virtual world just as clearly as the real world. Performing like the human eye, Bionic Display focuses on a small section of the big picture. While you can tell what’s going in the periphery, your focus lies on what is directly in front of your eyes.

Bionic Display VR Headset

Why we love it: Because it takes away the “virtual” from VR in the most realistic way.

HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset

Resting on your head, the dual high-resolution displays transport you to a whole new world. The included hand controllers also let you personalize and interact with a variety of content. This includes travel, sports, culture, and even live concerts and games such as Minecraft. In fact, there are over 20,000 different titles to choose from to pique your interest.

Mixed Reality Headset

Why we love it: The headset gives you a bunch of customization options to personalize your VR experience.

Lenovo Mirage Solo VR Headset

The Lenovo Mirage Solo comes with an all-in-one headset and motion-tracking technology using Daydream’s VR platform. Setting up a VR experience is easy for anyone with the Lenovo Mirage Solo. You can also record, watch and share your personal VR videos. Furthermore, the WorldSense motion-tracking technology allows you to explore and move around your virtual environments as if you’re there.

Mixed Reality Headset

Why we love it: No matter what you choose to see, it’ll feel like you’re really there.

Magic Leap One AR Goggles

These goggles unveil an augmented reality system you’ve never seen before. The Creation Edition includes the goggles as well as an external computer called Lightpack and a handheld controller. Together, they help you discover a completely new form of virtual experience. You get to enjoy a smooth and intuitive performance with maximum precision and accuracy.

Why we love it: The precision and accuracy are beyond imagination.

Oculus Go Wireless VR Headset

Totally comfortable and wire-free, this system lets you move and interact with scenes like never before. The Oculus Go is an all-in-one system. Once in place, you have access to over 1000 games, apps, 360° experiences and more, all in stunning virtual reality. Whether you’re a gamer or a sports fan, it will truly blow you away.

Wireless VR Headset

Why we love it: Along with a mindblowing experience, it’s incredibly affordable.



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