7 Smart Backpacks For the Adventurers

One thing you cannot do away with while planning a vacation are your backpacks. Now, the new-age backpacks are far from being ordinary. These essential holders will make sure you get to carry your belongings not just in style but also in a smart way. Here are 7 cool smart backpacks modern travelers would love to make use of.

Ultimaker 2 Go 3D Printer Backpack

It’s finally here — convenient and portable 3D printer is now achievable with the Ultimaker 2 Go 3D Printer Backpack. Easily transporting the Ultimaker 2, this carrier is super lightweight and surrounds the entire printer to reduce any risk of damage. This DIY assembly carrying case kit comes with two straps, a top plate, a bottom plate, and eight strap fasteners.

Lifepack — Solar Powered & Anti-Theft Backpack

With this solar powered anti-theft backpack, you’ll be able to carry your office on the go. The most innovative feature here is the Solarbank that works as a USB solar charger to keep your phone’s battery pumped up with power on the go. The charger is capable of charging your iPhone 6 up to 12 times. Next comes the integrated lock that will make sure to keep your belongings safe and secure.

The Most Versatile Backpack With A.B.C. Functions

With the backpack by A.B.C. Functions, you will not only be able to carry your belongings but securely protect, charge your electronics and track your items at all times. The backpack has been implemented with a Bluetooth lock that is connected to your cell phone. It unlocks automatically when you get near. You can also customize the lock by KLIFIT app in a daily mode or a travel mode.

BackPAIX LED Emoji Backpack

Wear your emotions right on your sleeve, or at least on your back, with the BackPAIX LED Emoji Backpack. Outfitted with a smart badge right on the top flap, you can use your smartphone to select an emoji of your choice to have on display. Powered by a built-in 600 mAh battery, you can choose between biking, image display, or theft alert modes.

The Stylish Travel Duffle that Charges Your Phone

Do you ever worry about running out of battery when you’re on the go? Always keep your phone charged in style with The Emery & Oak Travel Duffle. It has an internal battery to keep your phone and tablet charged during any situation, making it the ultimate carry-on for business travel, vacations, or short weekend getaways. The Emery & Oak Travel Duffle is also an all-in-one carry solution for both your office and gym essentials.

GoPlug Powered Bag with Built-In Ports

Travel with power with the GoPlug Powered Bag with built-in ports. To use, simply attach the included solar panel to the bag with the integrated carabiners and plug it into the power bank. As it collects energy, it recharges the power bank providing a never-ending supply of power no matter where you go. The mighty lithium polymer battery can store enough energy to fully charge a smartphone 18 times over.

BeatRinger — The Speaker Backpack

Become a walking party with the BeatRinger Speaker Backpack. Equipped with Bluetooth capability and an incredible 15 hours of battery life per charge, this dynamic backpack produces brilliant and powerful sound with its built-in amplifier and bass. The BeatRinger also has an easy to use control panel on the back that is safeguarded with loads of padding to keep you comfortable as you wear it.

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