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7 Wearables for the Tech-Savvy Fashionista

There’s been a huge transformation in the wearable industry today. People are not just concerned about designing wearables but more about designing good-looking wearables. It’s an age where we tend to embrace technology that are fashionable. Things that you can easily wear in your everyday life. Quite precisely, this is the very reason why VR is taking time to be grasped in the mainstream world. But, not every wearable out there is that bulky or not in fashion. Here are 7 examples you must check.

ALTRUIS X Smart Notification Bracelet

Stay connected without being tethered with the ALTRUIS X Smart Notification Bracelet. Coming in gorgeous colors, this minimalist wearable lets you live distraction-free. Using the companion app, the ALTRUIS X Bracelet will only notify you of what matters most. You can customize each app and notification so you can hear an alert or even feel a subtle vibration.

Stages Hero Headphones

Stages has created two augmented listening devices that provide a new level of choice and personalization to transform everyday auditory experiences. Both the Hero headphones and Sidekick tabletop product contain Stages’ patented technology to narrowly identify and capture desired incoming voices and sounds based on user preferences (e.g., direction and keyword/voice recognition), virtually eliminating undesired ones in the process, using an 8 microphone array.

Amazfit Pace GPS Smartwatch

Get the full picture for your day with the Amazfit Pace GPS Smartwatch. Featuring an incredible five days of battery life, this watch has everything you require. First, the Pace GPS Smartwatch records all the essential metrics of your running. This includes pace, cadence, distance, heart rate, time, and more. It even pairs and syncs with the Strava app.

The LEAF Fitness Tracker Jewelry by Bellabeat

Take care of your body and mind in a stylish way with the help of The LEAF Fitness Tracker Jewelry by Bellabeat. This beautiful piece of wearable tech is designed to help you learn about your body health by analyzing your daily routine. Even if you lack motivation in order to stay fit, LEAF will make sure you keep moving.

Ringly — Smart Ring. Beautiful Tech.

A cocktail ring that keeps you connected? Brilliant. The Ringly ring syncs to your smartphone and discreetly alerts you of important messages, like texts, phone calls, emails, meeting alerts and other notifications. Use the Ringly mobile app to set custom colors and vibration patterns for different notifications on your ring.

Misfit Phase Smartwatch

Combine style and function with the all-new Misfit Phase Smartwatch. Although this watch looks fairly traditional at first glance, it’s technology will certainly surprise you. Tucked inside the Misfit Phase are sensors to keep track of your steps, distance, calories, as well as your light vs. restful sleep. It even has a smart button function so you can control your music, snap a selfie, and even manage your smart home devices.

Spectacles — Smart Sunglasses by Snap Inc.

Spectacles are smart sunglasses with an integrated video camera. It makes it easy to create Memories on SnapChat aka Snap Inc. The purpose is to help you go back and see your memories just like the way you experienced them. It is one of the smallest video cameras you can also use to take a day’s worth of Snaps on a single charge.

For more such smart and beautiful wearables, check our collection here.



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