8 Must-Have Gadgets for De-Stressing at Work

TGIF! It’s the part of the week when this phase trends across all social media platforms and forums. No matter how many work-life balance quotes and videos you come across, you still feel burned out at the end of a work week. Yet, there are so many successful business tycoons out there who never complain about their schedule. In fact, they happen to be quite comfortable sleeping for less than six hours a day. That’s insane to those of us who feel stressed even after a single tough day at work. So, what are we missing in our work schedule? We’d say a break! Yes, a break! Based on scientific measurements, the average American attention span is only 8 seconds. This means taking a break every 50–90 minutes not only helpful but essential.

Now, to keep up with this secret formula of taking breaks at work, you need the right tools and gadgets. Like always, we’ve got you covered for this time, too. 😉

Fidget Cube — A Vinyl Desk Toy

Playing with paperclips or even your pen is so old-school. Welcome to the age of fidget cubes. It just gives you so many options to keep your mind on track.

GoT Dragon Wings Fidget Spinner

Game of Thrones Season 7 is literally knocking at the door. So if you are needing to de-stress while at work, why not go for a dragon-inspired fidget spinner? Even if you are not a GoT fan, this still looks and feels like owning a classic artifact.

Sealing Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Next in line is coffee. We don’t know where this combo came from but coffee and work are inseparable. Since it’s summer and the heat kind of bogs you down as far as work productivity, it’s always good to take a break with a cup of your favorite cold brew.

Cafflano Kompact Portable Coffee Brewer

If you enjoy a bit of both hot and cold brew, then Cafflano is perfect for you. You get to brew the coffee of your choice in no time so taking those breaks will be easy and enjoyable.

DeskCycle by 3D Innovations

A stagnant work life is never good for your mind. Not only can it cause you to gain weight, but it can also make you feel unproductive and even more stressed at work. So, it would be wise to go for those breaks with a bit of exercise. Yes, exercise at work and, no, we’re not joking. DeskCycle burns calories and keeps you focused right at your desk.

ErgoDox EZ Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard

Video games are known to increase your focus. So, why not take your break with a game? This keyboard will help you switch to gamer mode and back to being a workaholic in a matter of seconds. That’s because it splits in half as and when you want it to.

MOH Original Buckyballs Magnet Balls Puzzles

Brain teasers are a great way to play with your mind and de-stress at the same time. The magnetic ball set consists of 216 strong neodymium magnet beads. Just play with the combinations and relax simultaneously.

Vibes Box Relaxation Kit by Bespoke Post

Sometimes, you really need to stay focused while getting rid of stress. This relaxation kit is for those times. You get to unwind with amazing sound and aroma while still putting your nose to the grindstone.

We’re not sure about you, but simply reading this list brings us great relaxation. We’re sure you’ll be able to make the most of your work life without feeling too stressed. For more office gadgets, head over to our collection here.

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