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8 Office tech and gadgets to make light of your to-do list

The 8 Office tech and gadgets to make light of your to-do list was originally published on Gadget Flow’s blog.

Work/life balance is becoming harder and harder to achieve with the gig economy. Many are working remotely full-time, and many are taking side jobs to bring in some extra cash. No matter your situation, being productive so you can achieve a proper work/life balance is critical. Without the right office tech, your productivity levels can drop, which leads to a bunch of other problems we’re guessing you don’t want to have.

The amount of work you can get done in a day and how quickly you can get it done relies heavily on the tools you have at your disposal. Organization and the right electronics to focus and get the job done are all important to your workday. Comfort also plays a significant role in how well we work and what we can accomplish in eight hours.

If you’re struggling to find your balance and be more productive so you can spend more time with your family and friends and on Self-Care Sundays, we have just the suggestions to help you find that elusive sweet spot, because all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

7.9 Inch iPad Mini with A12 Bionic Chip

The new 7.9 Inch iPad Mini with A12 Bionic Chip is three times faster than previous models. And since we’re talking about slaying your to-do list, that’s just what you need. This office tool has been designed for multitasking, and it has Wi-Fi, LTE, and eSIM connectivity. So wherever you go, it will work just the way you need it to. It has a Retina display, and True Tone colors look better than ever. It also supports the Apple Pencil.

Liftid Neurostimulation Personal Brain Stimulator

This office device will change the way you work. The Liftid Neurostimulation Personal Brain Stimulator uses Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) to target specific spots in your brain to improve focus and productivity. All you have to do is wear the device for twenty minutes, and you’ll be able to complete your work more quickly due to your increased focus, without the need for caffeine, sugar, or other stimulants.

Autonomous Kinn Chair Full Range of Motion Office Chair

If you’re stuck in an uncomfortable desk chair all day, chances are, you’re not going to be getting much work done. Instead of being focused on your work, you’re going to be focused on squirming around and trying to find a position that doesn’t send pain shooting through your neck, shoulders, or back. But if you have an Autonomous Kinn Chair Full Range of Motion Office Chair, you’ll be able to sit for hours in full comfort. This chair features a conical spine and unique TPE materials to give you the best in comfort and support, and the headrest even cradles your head, neck, shoulders.

HP EliteDisplay S340c Curved Monitor

A fantastic way to improve your productivity is with a larger monitor or dual monitors. If you’re looking to switch up your current monitor or add a second monitor to your office tech setup, the HP EliteDisplay S340c Curved Monitor is the perfect addition. This curved monitor is certified with Skype for Business, and you’ll have 34 inches of real estate to work with. Have your video call up and have your notes up right beside it on the same screen. No more looking back and forth.

Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones 700

Noise in your working area is one of the biggest distractions ever. No matter if you’re in an office, at home, or a coffee shop, it’s hard to tune everything out. What you need are the Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones 700 and your productivity playlist on Spotify. Queue up your favorite music to work to and ignore the outside world while you get everything done like a boss. These headphones even offer augmented reality capabilities, so they can help you be more productive than ever with voice assistance.

Loupedeck CT Custom Editing Console

If you are working with any editing software, the Loupedeck CT Custom Editing Consolewill make your life easier. It doesn’t matter if you’re editing photos, videos, music, or something else, you’ll be able to customize the Loupedeck with the shortcuts you need to get your work done faster. And this office tech easily integrates with your software. It features a large central dial, six smaller dials, buttons, and screens.

Newyes PU Leather Reusable Smart Notebook

There’s something infinitely satisfying about crossing an item off of your to-do list. And to keep all of your to-dos organized, you need the Newyes PU Leather Reusable Smart Notebook. Keep all of your lists and notes in one place, so you’re not forgetting anything or looking for anything, and create bullet lists to manage your time. And it’s the last notebook you’ll ever need. When you’re done, use a damp cloth or napkin to wipe away the erasable ink and start all over. It even has a companion app so you can digitize your notes quickly and easily.

Power Hub4 Adaptive Fast Charging Station

Keeping all of your office devices charged is paramount to productivity. And if you’ve forgotten to charge your office tech and need it quickly, there’s the Power Hub4 Adaptive Fast Charging Station. With this charging station, you’ll be able to charge four devices at once. And you’ll be able to fast charge your phone up to 50% in just 30 minutes. And since it’s adaptive, the charger will figure out what you are charger and deliver the right amount of power to charge it quickly. Like magic.

We’ve given you the office tech you need to slay it; now it’s up to you to seize the day like a boss. Eliminate those distractions, get comfortable, and get. it. done.



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