8 Smart Bike Locks for Daily Commuters

Bicycle commuting statistics say that “From 2000 to 2013, bicycle commuting rates in large BFCs increased 105% — far above the national average of 62% and more than double the rate in non-BFCs (31%).” Now, if you consider the reason why people are adopting this mode of transportation over others, there are a lot of factors worth considering. But above all, there’s nothing like the pleasure of riding your bicycle every morning. However, given the rate at which bike thefts are increasing day by day, it’s essential to have the right lock for your bike as well. Here are 8 smart locks worth a buy! 🚲

Ellipse Smart Bike Lock

Protect your wheels with technology by using the Ellipse Smart Bike Lock from Lattis. Connecting to your smartphone, this lock allows for keyless entry. In addition, the lock can also detect theft if your bike is indeed stolen.

Noke U-Lock

No more remembering combinations, codes, or keys, Noke U-Lock allows you to lock and unlock your bike with your smartphone. With the app, available for Bluetooth iOS, Android, and Windows devices, Noke U-Lock only unlocks when your unique code has been entered and you’re close to your bike.

BitLock — The Keyless Bike Lock

Ride your bike with peace of mind with BitLock, the keyless bike lock. Using a proximity sensor via Bluetooth Low Energy, you can unlock and lock your bike with a press of a button, without even touching your phone. Working with an intelligent app, BitLock doesn’t just lock and unlock your bike, it can also find where you last put it with built-in GPS.

LINKA Auto-Unlocking Smart Bike Lock

Lock smarter not harder with LINKA. This bike lock features tamper alerts, auto-unlock, built-in siren, keyless access & more! With LINKA’s revolutionary patent-pending Auto-Unlock feature, you’ll never have to carry a key.

Sherlock — The Invisible Bike Lock

Introducing Sherlock, the invisible bike lock. Ingeniously designed to be compact and inconspicuous, the Sherlock Bike Lock is easy to install. Hiding inside one of your handlebars, the Sherlock Bike Lock doesn’t alter the look or style of the bike while keeping it protected.

LockSmart Bluetooth Padlock by Dog & Bone

Never worry about forgetting your key with the LockSmart Bluetooth Padlock by Dog & Bone. This high tech lock is controlled entirely by your smartphone; the one item you always have on you.


KADALOCK replaces your heavy duty lock to a light weight gadget, it is fits on your bike bottle cage, and connect your phone for security. Have peace of mind on your bike with KADALOCK, it connects your phone to watch your bike for you.


ULOCK requires no keys to be used: you can lock and unlock it with just one tap on your smartphone or let it take care of everything for you. It connects with your smartphone through Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy and a custom app. ULOCK locates on your map the place where you locked and parked your bike!

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