9 Smart Gadgets to Charge Up the Entrepreneur in You

Starting up a business is nothing less than a huge challenge. In this entire phase, you not only work on a completely new idea but also face numerous challenges along the way. It’s not an easy path and by not having the right equipment by your side, you’re only going to make it even more difficult. So, here we are, with some of our favorite gadgets you can use while starting up your business. Be it at home or on the go, working was never this easy before.

SP Bolt B80 Portable SSD

Protect your projects and ideas with the SP Bolt B80 Portable SSD. Easy to take anywhere, this device comes in three sizes to hold all that is dear to you. You can go for the 120GB, 240GB, or the impressive 480GB. Whichever you choose, the powerhouse system protects all of your data in sleek style.

EvoDesk Electronic Height Adjustable Desk

Treat your body right even during long work days with the EvoDesk Electronic Height Adjustable Desk. Complete with a sleek look, this intelligent desk moves as you need throughout the day. Located on the side are controls to give you instant height adjustment. In fact, it has a maximum height of 50 inches to meet your height requirements.

The Great Pyramid Dock

Effortlessly dock your Apple devices single-handedly with the Great Pyramid Dock. This dock makes it easy for you to charge your phone and listen to your favorite music simultaneously. The design gives room to the built-in speakers and headphone jack on your phone. Additionally, it allows you to browse your phone from a comfortable viewing angle and is also ideal for video conversations.

Alcove Mobile Laptop Privacy Workstation

Make everywhere your own personal office with the Alcove Mobile Laptop Privacy Workstation. This laptop case serves a dual purpose: when open, it gives you total privacy with unfolding walls. The Alcove is superbly compact and lightweight while adding protection to your device when folded down.

YubiKey 4C Nano USB-C Authentication Key

Keep your accounts safe at all times with the YubiKey 4C Nano USB-C Authentication Key. This all-in-one configurable security key ensures secure login to hundreds of online services, including Google and Dropbox. YubiKey also protects against credential theft and phishing attacks. In addition, the key provides strong verification with a single touch.

Smart Planner by Moleskine

Never give up on your fondness of paper with this Smart Planner by Moleskine. This planner uplifts your paper writing experience in this digital era. Coming as an extension to Moleskine’s smart writing set, this planner syncs your handwritten schedule with the cloud. In fact, this planner is for those who don’t wish to give up on the joy of writing their planners rather than using an online calendar.

WD My Book Duo External Storage Device

Never let a lack of space hinder your work. Instead, go for the WD My Book Duo External Storage Device. With a whopping 20TB of storage, this system commands your entire workflow. The My Book Duo stands proudly on your desk and comes in all black. All of this storage space is available with just a single included cable.

Horizontal MacBook Pro Docking Station

Upgrade the functionality of your laptop with the Henge Docks Horizontal MacBook Pro Docking Station. This device holds your laptop at the perfect angle but it does so much more. The Henge Dock gives you automated docking capabilities. With 13 different expansion ports, you can plug in any and every device you need.

Slidenjoy Dual Monitor Extender

Upgrade your workspace with the Slidenjoy Dual Monitor Extender. This easy to use device provides you with additional screens to maximize your laptop. Compatible with both Macand PC, the Slidenjoy uses ultra strong aluminum hinges to allow the system to slide and align however you need.

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