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9 Star Wars Gadgets to Level Up Your Everyday Life

Whether you’re a newbie or a forever Star Wars fan, you’re going to love these gadgets anyway. From kitchen timers to levitating speakers, this list of gadgets is going to add that extra flair to your daily life. Let’s take a look at how they can make you level up your game now.

Death Star Kitchen Timer

Use the power of the force to make sure all of your food is cooked to perfection with the Star Wars Death Star Kitchen Timer with sounds. Giving you up to 60 minutes of timing, this kitchen timer is equipped with authentic lights and sounds to alert you when time is up. The green superlaser and accompanying sound effects are sure to grab your attention.

Star Wars Functional Fitness Equipment

Take your workouts to another dimension with the Onnit Star Wars Functional Fitness Equipment. This range has a piece for each of your favorite characters in the iconic film franchise. You have your choice of a Boba Fett, Stormtrooper, or Darth Vader Kettleball. Featuring chip-resistant iron, they vary in weight from 50 lbs., 60 lbs., and 70 lbs., respectively.

Star Wars Levitating Death Star Speaker

Bring your galactic dreams to life with the Plox Star Wars Levitating Death Star Speaker. Using the latest technology, this speaker system actually floats in mid-air. Totally defying gravity, the Death Star Speaker is attention grabbing and mesmerizing. As it floats, the speaker also rotates slowly in a full 360 degrees.

Boba Fett Helmet

Channel your inner Star Wars fanatic and sport the HJC Pro Boba Fett Helmet. This aerodynamic helmet sports a realistic design of the beloved Star Wars character. As part of the RPHA 11 Pro series, the Boba Fett Helmet uses an advanced channeling ventilation system. This helps keep you the ideal temperature no matter how much adrenaline is going through you.

Star Wars Porcelain Drinking Mug

Drink your favorite coffee and take a trip to the Galactic Empire at the same time with this Star Wars Darth Vader Porcelain Drinking Mug. It’s one of the coolest coffee mugs that takes inspiration from Darth Vader or Stormtrooper in the way it’s designed.

Engraved Wood Star Wars Clock

Showcase your love for the galaxy with the Engraved Wood Star Wars Clock. Made by hand, this wonderful timepiece has an unusual display of the time. Rather than numbers, the Star Wars Clock has icons from the greatest films of all time. These include a Stormtrooper mask, a Jedi outline, Darth Vader, R2-D2, Yoda, and more.

Star Wars Tie Fighter Gray Desk

Get in the creative spirit of Star Wars with the TIE fighter desk. Known throughout the galaxy as the sentry ships of choice for the Death Star, the solidly constructed base has a gray finish and powder coated steel construction that features “carbonite” textured details.

Darth Vader Inspired Watch

It’s your chance to explore a new force in the world of watches with this Darth Vader Inspired Watch. With 350 individual parts, 4 time belts, 4 microstep motors and 313 electrical contacts, this makes a power-packed timepiece for your wrists. The entire design is inspired by Darth Vader which is quite evident from the Darth Vader helmet, the fighter wing, imperial crest and titanium fasteners.

Millennium Falcon Multi-Tool Kit

Give the galaxy a run for its money with the Millennium Falcon Multi-Tool Kit from ThinkGeek. Equipping you with everything you could need; this compact system is so much more than a space ship. This tool is officially licensed and an exclusive creation from ThinkGeek.

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