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Best sanitation gadgets for your home

The best sanitation gadgets for your home was originally published on Gadget Flow’s blog.

We’ve all been a little germ obsessed this year. But even if it weren’t for the specter of pesky COVID-19 (tiny, spiky things sure can cause problems, can’t they?), it’s never been a better time reconsider the way you keep your home and office clean. We know you want to keep your new standing desk and all your kitchen gadgets spick-and-span, right? That’s why today we’re rounding up our best sanitation gadgets for your home.

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One outcome of this year’s pandemic has been our renewed focus on keeping high-touch surfaces clean. There’s a whole arsenal of products out there that can help you blast the germs on your smartphone, door handles, and tables — quickly and easily. Some are portable and sanitize with UVC light, letting you take the disinfecting power of the sun wherever you go.

Pandemic or no, we should all be disinfecting surfaces like doorknobs, faucets, sinks, and tables on the regular. These products make the task a whole lot simpler and quicker. Check out these sanitation gadgets for the cleanest possible home.

Monos CleanPod Handheld UVC Sterilizer

Keep yourself healthier by avoiding germs with the Monos CleanPod Handheld UVC Sterilizer. This portable device is only 219 millimeters long, so it easily fits in your purse, letting you kill nasty bacteria wherever you are with UVC light. Moreover, it was tested at a microbiology lab to prove its effectiveness against pathogens. Sanitize your items without toxic chemicals with this handy gadget.

Aura Clean Ultrasonic Toothbrush System

Make sure your toothbrush is always germ-free with the Aura Clean Ultrasonic Toothbrush System from Tao Clean. This sanitation gadget keeps your toothbrush disinfected, charged, and ready for use around the clock. Best of all, with two cleaning modes (professional and sensitive) and the ultrasonic technology, the Aura Clean cleans and whitens your teeth with up to 40,000 strokes per minute.

Aura Clean Ultrasonic Toothbrush System with a Hand on a Bathroom Sink

Sunytizer Surface and Hand Sanitizer

There are so many sanitizing options out there, but the Sunytizer Surface and Hand Sanitizer is one that can handle everything while being gentle. This sanitizing spray contains 70% alcohol so it can kill bacteria, germs, and viruses. But it’s also safe to use on your hands and body. You can even use it on your dog.

Sunytizer Surface and Hand Sanitizer in a Woman’s Hand

Olika Birdie Ergonomic Hand Sanitizer

Keep your hands clean, the fun way, with the Olika Birdie Ergonomic Hand Sanitizer. With just a simple twist, you can access the sanitizing spray inside. Birdie has a delightful bird design that will make it fun to stay sanitized. The formula inside uses just seven ingredients, all of which are naturally derived.

Olika Birdie Ergonomic Hand Sanitizer in a Hand in the City

Lexon Oblio Sanitizing Wireless Charger

Your phone is probably one of the dirtiest items you own. Clean it and keep it charged with the Lexon Oblio Sanitizing Wireless Charger. This device uses UV LED technology to disinfect your phone from the germs it picks up throughout the day. Additionally, available in white and gold colors, this phone sanitizing device is an accessory that will keep your home looking modern.

Lexon Oblio Sanitizing Wireless Charger with Lights and a Smartphone

Shuzon Sanitizing Doormat

The Shuzon Sanitizing Doormat is one of our best sanitation gadgets that stops germs right at your doorstep. It cleans the soles of your shoes from the germs, bacteria, and viruses you pick up when you go out. Best of all, you shouldn’t ever have to replace this doormat since it’s made from durable materials and the sponges are easily washable and reusable.

Shuzon Sanitizing Doormat on a Doorstep

Brushean Makeup Brush Sanitizer

Makeup brushes are also items where germs like to hang out. Zap them with the Brushean Makeup Brush Sanitizer. Featuring a patent-pending design, Brushean uses UV-C sterilization technology to kill 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses. Best of all, this gadget is easy to use, letting you have clean brushes at any time.

Brushean Makeup Brush Sanitizer on a Makeup Table

Go.C Wearable Hand Sanitizer

Have your hand sanitizer always at the ready with the Go.C Wearable Hand Sanitizer. This gadget is easy to carry and features a minimalist design. Whenever you need to clean up a bit, all you have to do is press a button. Convenient and easy to use; this product has an ergonomic shape that’s comfy to grip and press.

Go.C Wearable Hand Sanitizer on a Desk with a Pen and Smartphone

Which of these best sanitation gadgets would you like to have in your home? I love the look of the Olika Birdie Ergonomic Hand Sanitizer — it’s definitely a hand sanitizer I’d remember to grab on my way out the door. And it’s so adorable, I’d never leave it behind at a restaurant or on the subway.



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