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Best yoga gadgets and accessories to buy this winter

Winter is a great time to improve your yoga practice. And these gadgets and accessories can help you get more out of each session. Check them out in the blog.

1. The FeetUp Trainer yoga headstand bench helps you align your body and master difficult poses. It’s also quite compact.

2. The Fitbit Inspire 3 health and fitness smartwatch helps track your yoga practice with its yoga exercise mode.

3. The lululemon Studio Mirror smart interactive gym offers Yoga Flow workouts in addition to a full suite of workout programs.

4. The agoy Gecko Touch yoga towel has a unique combination of silicone and absorbent towel for consistent grip while you practice.

5. The Strack smart posture corrector keeps you sitting tall throughout your session. It vibrates every time you slouch, helping improve posture.

6. The Gatorade Smart Gx Bottle Kit squeeze bottle keeps an eye on your hydration. The cap lights indicate your progress.

7. The Kin objects Peng Lai Backflow Stick Incense Burner creates a mind-clearing atmosphere and showcases a mythical landscape.

8. The Bala The Play Mat is 8 mm thick, bringing you support and comfort for all of your poses. It’s also waterproof and antimicrobial.

9. The Cork Yoga Block is made of sustainable cork and delivers a firmness that makes you feel secure, no matter your pose.

10. The Halfmoon Long 28″ Restorative Yoga Bolster Pillow aids yoga stretches and provides support. It’s available in cotton or linen.



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