Celebrate Camera Day with These New-Age Innovative Cameras

We are just hours from celebrating that special day in every photographer’s life. It’s camera day tomorrow and we feel that it’s time to “focus” on that segment of gadgets today. Over the years, we have seen cameras go from being a simple Polaroid to a 360-degree innovation. So, this camera day, let’s cheer for the new-age cool cameras you haven’t seen before. 📷

Benjamin Button Smart Family Camera

Simply clip the camera onto your clothing and go about your day. Benjamin Button captures it all.

Luna — The World’s Smallest 360° Camera

Designed to be easily used by everyone, this camera is operated with a single button. It’s equipped with two 190° fish eye lenses to cover the entire world around you.

Garmin VIRB 360 Waterproof Camera

This rugged device is perfect for your on and off-road adventures. Attaching to a variety of your gear, the VIRB 360 records in up to 5.7K resolution.

Goluk T3 Smart Dashcam

Get an extra set of eyes on the road when you have the Goluk T3 Smart Dashcam. This car camera has a large aperture of 2.0 and is complete with a non — spherical, HD lens.

YI 360 VR Camera

Produce professional-grade content with the YI 360 VR Camera. This compact device uses two lenses to achieve a full 360 degrees. However, each lens covers 220 degrees to more cohesively stitch together.

Insta360 Pro 8K Camera

Complete with a 5000 mAh removable battery, you can charge and shoot simultaneously so you never miss a moment. Connecting to your device via Wi-Fi or the included cable, uploads are a breeze.

NeoMe Mini Wearable Video Camera

Capture life as it happens with the MeCam NeoMe Mini Wearable Video Camera. This revolutionary device is superbly lightweight and highly compact. However, despite its small form factor, it’s one of the most versatile video cameras on the market for POV footage.

CROZ DIY Digital Camera

Gain a total appreciation for photography when you build and use the CROZ DIY Digital Camera. Complete with an acrylic casing, you can see the entire interior of this device. Incredibly, despite the DIY design, the CROZ Digital Camera is ultra compact and can easily fit in your pocket or bag.

Foxshot Portable Stickable Camera

Pairing with the app on your device, this camera will transform the way you take photos and videos. It can stick, re-stick, and stick time after time for a total hands-free experience.

AirSelfie Portable Flying Camera Phone Cover

Gone are the days of the awkward arm in your photos; say hello to AirSelfie, the portable flying camera phone cover. As the world’s smallest, this camera can get to heights you’ve never reached to snap the perfect selfie.

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