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Charge your iPhone faster with these wireless chargers

Prior to Apple deciding to add wireless charging for the new iPhone X, this form of charging hasn’t been in the news very much. Obviously, wireless charging does come with certain drawbacks, but it’s hard to beat the convenience of dropping your phone on a charging pad without dealing with cables.

Thanks to recent 3rd party iPhone accessory designers, we are getting to see more and more innovation in the field of charging technology to make our lives easier.

Before we dive into these great wireless chargers, let’s take a look at some of the most interesting facts behind this technology.

  1. Qi wireless charging has been around for years and there are even Qi charging stations in places like airports. But, the reason it hasn’t become the norm is down to efficiency (and Apple).
  2. Although wireless charging is extremely convenient, many people think it’s bad for smartphones. How many of these myths do you believe?
  3. The future of wireless charging is a positive one. Soon, we’ll see Qi-compliant charging stations everywhere including Starbucks, airports, hotels, and anywhere else we might pitstop on our travels.

Nomad Wireless Charging Hub

The coolest part of this charging hub is the fact that it comes with four extra ports. These will allow you to recharge your other mobile gadgets while your iPhone wirelessly charges on top.

Charge all of your devices simultaneously

JUICED 2.0 Wireless Group Charging Station

Say goodbye to the most annoying problem when it comes to charging: someone unplugging your smartphone so they can charge up. With this group wireless charging station, you and all your friends are sorted with full phone batteries throughout the day.

Offering a quick and portable 50% boost to your iPhone

mophie Wireless Smartphone Charging Base

All you need to do with this charging base is place your smartphone onto the wireless charging pad and it will automatically initiate a charge. However, it’s more than just convenient. It also has 7.5W of power for super fast charging, making it perfect for your desk as well as your nightstand.

Neat and simple design

Griffin PowerBlock Wireless QI Charging Pad

Compatible with all Qi-enabled devices, the PowerBlock charging pad offers fast charging whenever and wherever you need it. With 15 watts of power, it recharges your smartphone up to three times faster.

Charge up faster than ever

Nomad Wireless Travel Charging Stand

Keep an eye on your device while it charges

It doesn’t just serve as a wireless charger but also as a docking station for your iPhone. Offering extra stability, you‘ll never miss another notification while topping up your device.

Native Union DROP Non-Slip Wireless Charger

This clever little device offers a secure resting spot for your phone as it charges. The tiny footprint squeezes onto even the smallest desk or nightstand, and it comes with a 6.5 foot braided cable so you can place it anywhere that’s convenient.

Say goodbye to desk clutter

Mikol Real Marble Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless charging technology is great, but it’s rarely beautiful. This stunning charging pad uses Spanish Nero Marquina marble to fit in with your decor as well as your busy lifestyle.

Charging in style

If you’re still not done with drooling over these wireless iPhone chargers, check out our entire collection for more. After all, there’s no end to the list of useful accessories. 😉



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