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Check out the perfect template for your crowdfunding campaign page

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When you decide to launch a crowdfunding campaign, it’s extremely important to figure out how to set up your campaign page the right way. From the title to the video to the entire description of your campaign, it’s a lot of steps you need to look into before hitting that publish button. So, here we are, with a perfect template for your crowdfunding campaign page that can not just guide you towards launching a more professional-looking campaign but also making sure you’re following industry standards before launch.

The title should be self-explanatory

So, when you are chalking out your campaign page, the first thing that should draw your attention is the title. Based on the numbers of campaigns we’ve reviewed and worked with over the years, it’s clear that the title is what introduces your product to the crowdfunding community. The smarter you are in using that section with selective words, the higher your chances of making your campaign more popular within the first 24 hours.

Don’t miss out the tagline

Whether it’s Kickstarter or Indiegogo, the title is always followed by a tagline in crowdfunding pages. This tagline is usually an extension of your product title and should have the most important features highlighted at once. You could also use superlatives to make your product look like one of its kind.

The video is a must watch

With video content being more popular on the web for the past few years, it’s definitely a must to have on your campaign page. You need not make a long video to explain your product. Instead, focus on a video which is not more than two minutes and which explains the product straight away without adding too much fluff or unnecessary screenplay. If possible, you must also add a section where you and your team talk directly on camera, explaining the reason why you are launching this crowdfunding campaign. This will help you bond directly with your upcoming backers, thereby enhancing the overall credibility of your campaign.

Share your story through a captivating description

Every crowdfunding campaign page not just describes a product but also the story behind it. So, when you are describing your product, make sure to share your story at the same time. In fact, if you feel you need an editor to make the writeup read well, go for a freelancer and make your campaign stand out with a well-drafted piece.

Balance out images, GIFs, and short videos

Too much of anything is not enough. So, to ensure you are presenting your campaign well enough, go for a campaign page with an equal balance of lifestyle images, GIFs, as well as short testimonial videos, if available. You could also go for graphics-style presentation of product features, delivery timeline, etc. to give your campaign page a different look. However, whenever you are using graphics, make sure you are adding a descriptive alt-text for all images to have them indexed by Google.

Delivery timeline is a must

Never miss out on giving your backers an estimated delivery timeline for maximum clarity. This should be a proper timeline presentation that talks about production as well as shipping date estimations. It will not just add clarity but also be another pointer for enhancing the credibility of your campaign.

Pledge reward charts should have all the details

The one place you need to focus on after your campaign page draft is ready is the pledge reward section. It needs to have more than just the pricing of the product. You have to specify the delivery timeline, what each pledge has in store, plus any FAQs that need to be specified for that particular pledge at the same time. The more informative your pledge reward chart looks, the easier it becomes for your backers to determine which pledge they’d like to go for.

Your bio needs to be complete

Every crowdfunding page comes with a creator profile. But many times, we’ve noticed that the creator profiles doesn’t have the details required. You must have a profile picture and the details of your team or yourself to make the entire presentation look complete.

With that said, we think you’ll be all set for a perfectly structured crowdfunding campaign page. Together with the correct promotional activities and regular follow-ups, you can easily get going towards a successful crowdfunding campaign.



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