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Coolest board games to buy for winter family nights

Winter is on its way. Have fun indoors while it snows outside with any of these cool board games for families.

1. The New York Times Wordle: The Party game makes the solo game perfect for groups. It’s designed for ages 14 and up.

2. The JOYO smart board game offers families tons of screenless yet high-tech fun. The game’s AI sensors keep the games engaging.

3. The Presidential Old Maid political decks help everyone practice getting along with humorous drawings of presidents from both parties.

4. The LACORSA Grand Prix Game replicates the drama and tactics of grand prix racing. The rules are simple, but the strategy is challenging.

5. The 2020BULLSH!T party game for the survivors of 2020. It gets everyone laughing at the hard times, so they can move on.

6. The Trekking: The National Parks board game shares the joy of American parks. Its a great choice for tweens, kids, and adults.

7. The Isle of Cats has you and your family saving cats on an island as you manage resources and explore.

8. The Ticket to Ride Board Game is fast-paced and strategic. Players connect North American cities over a 20th-century map.

9. The Throw Throw Burrito dodgeball card game involves throwing squishy burritos at your family. It’s easy for everyone to learn.

10. The Weird Little Elf Christmas game is ideal for holiday gatherings. A light social deduction game, even young kids can participate in it.



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