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Do More with Your iPhone with These Gadgets

Have you ever lost your iPhone storage capacity just before shooting an amazing video during your vacay or couldn’t click a selfie just because you ran out of storage space? As for us, it’s a catastrophe (being the iPhone-o-logers that we are). So, we went on a hunt and tried to look for gadgets that will help us do more with our iPhone. And bingo! Here are some of the best gadgets you can use to increase your iPhone storage space. 😇

iKlips DUO Plus

iKlips DUO+ is a flash storage device and file sharing solution rolled into one, instantly expanding your iPhone or iPad’s available storage by up to 128GB.

iLuun — The Smart Wireless Storage Drive For iPhone & Android

iLuun Air is the world’s first wireless flash drive created to work not just with your computer, but also with your mobile devices. With the iLuun Air, you can easily, quickly, and safely move your photos, videos, music, and other content between computers, smartphones, and tablets without the need for Internet, cables, adapters, or the Cloud which are hacker prone and more unsafe.

Kuner KUKE iPhone 7 Memory Expansion Battery Case

Say yes to more power and more storage with the Kuner KUKE iPhone 7 Memory Expansion Battery Case. With a powerful 2400 mAh battery built in, you can recharge your device in a flash. On the back are indication lights to let you know how much power is left.

Picture Keeper Connect Smartphone Storage

Never delete another photo again when you have the Picture Keeper Connect Smartphone Storage. With the ability double your storage, you won’t have to spend time deleting apps and media for space. The Picture Keeper Connect has your choice of a built-in Lightning or microUSB connector for your Apple or Android device.

iXpand Flash Drive for iPhone and iPad

This SanDisk iXpand SDIX-032G-A57 flash drive features a 32GB capacity and USB 2.0 and Lightning connectors, so you can easily transfer files between your PC or Mac and your compatible Apple iPhone or iPad. 32GB capacity offers plenty of room to store pictures, videos, music and other files.

GoDrive Pro MicroSD Reader iPhone Cable

Get access to more storage instantly when you have the GoDrive Pro MicroSD Reader iPhone Cable. This revolutionary cable is complete with a built-in MicroSD card reader inside the USB connector.

iKlips Wizard Storage Expanding iOS Card Reader

Get the most out of your iPhone with the iKlips Wizard Storage Expanding iOS Card Reader. This device is complete with a Lightning connector as well as a microSD card reader. Simply insert a card, plug in, and instantly get more storage than ever before.

PhotoFast i-FlashDrive MemoriesCable

Back up all of the media on your smartphone with ease with the PhotoFast i-FlashDrive MemoriesCable. Compatible with the Apple iPad and iPhone, you can easily transfer any and all music, videos, photos, and documents from your device directly onto your Mac or PC.

Extra Storage for iOS Devices with Leef

Leef iBRIDGE is the iOS mobile storage solution designed to easily expand the storage capacity on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod without ever worrying about deleting memories again. You can capture photos and videos directly to Leef iBRIDGE so you never miss life’s most memorable events.

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