Enjoy Working on the Go? Try These Portable Work Desks

Working from the same place can be pretty boring over the years. This is exactly why remote work has become so popular these days. It’s more enjoyable to be able to work like you wish to instead of being stuck in one cubicle for years. So, to encourage this form of work life, we have with us a roundup of 8 portable work desks you can easily use on the go.

Tab LapDesk for Tablets and Smartphones by iSkelter

Use your tablet more fluidly and easily with the Tab LapDesk for Tablets and Smartphones by iSkelter. Sitting on your lap, desk, table, or any surface, the Tab LapDesk has a slot to dock your tablet or smartphone.

Ergonomic Workspace

Their customers have spoken and are thrilled with The Edge Desk! Join them NOW and change the way you live and work! Embrace the comfort of a proven ergonomic design and the focus of a workspace that puts things front and center without clutter. Add the ease of a portable design for storage, mobility, and complete flexibility.

Natural Bamboo Laptop Stand for MacBook

Working on your laptop in the bed or the couch just got easier with this Natural Bamboo Laptop Stand for MacBook. The design is ideally made for those who like to work with their MacBooks on the lap. The stand is made out of hand-finished bamboo.

Tabolap Portable Workstation Bag

Take your office on the go with the Tabolap Portable Workstation Bag. Equipped with everything you could possibly need; this ingenious bag enables you to make the world your workplace. The Tabolap Bag fits laptops and tablets up to 13 inches on top of the sturdy and non-slip surface while you work.

Tablio Mini Desk

Tablio mini desk gives you the comforts of your desk anywhere you go. Tablio is a right sized portable desk for your laptop. Its simple design allows you to use your mouse comfortably while keeping you cool as you work on your laptop.

Mobile Desk for Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones

Highly productive people who are always in touch with their laptops, smartphones and tablets can now enjoy their mobile work life with the LapPad. This ergonomic design can be considered as a sleek and super functional workstation or mobile desk you can use to take your work with you, everywhere you go.

Lightweight Laptop Stand Bag

Enjoy taking your work on the go when you have the MOBICASE Lightweight Laptop Stand Bag. With space for everything you need, this lightweight bag has a hidden secret. It has a built-in laptop stand to keep you ergonomic and comfortable while you work from anywhere.

Alcove Mobile Laptop Privacy Workstation

Make everywhere your own personal office with the Alcove Mobile Laptop Privacy Workstation. This laptop case serves a dual purpose: when open, it gives you total privacy with unfolding walls. The Alcove is superbly compact and lightweight while adding protection to your device when folded down.

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