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Everyday Carry Products That Are Totally Worth It

From wallets to multi-tools, you need a lot of items in your day-to-day life. But preferably, we do want our EDC items to be within our budget. So, here we are, with some of our recent favorite EDC items you can grab for yourself at an affordable price. Take a look:

Griffin Mini Pocket Multi-Tool

Always have the tool for the job with the Griffin Mini Pocket Multi-Tool. Totally small and compact, this tool is actually eight tools in one. There are both a ¼-inch and an 11/32-inch hex driver as well as a 5/16-inch hex wrench. To really help you get the job done, there’s also a built-in flathead screwdriver that doubles as a pry bar.

Axess Artisan Front Pocket Wallets

Streamline the way you carry your cash with Axess Artisan Front Pocket Wallets. Handmade in small batches, they sport an exceptional Scandinavian design to be minimalist yet stylish. The Axess Wallets are ultra slim and sleek so they can slide into your front pocket without the excess bulge.

elago Smartphone Card Pocket

Carry only what you need when you use the elago Smartphone Card Pocket. Effortlessly attaching to the back of your device, this slim pocket has space for two of your most used cards. Compatible with a variety of smartphones, this pocket is made from non-toxic silicone.

Matador Mini Pocket Blanket

Never be left in the cold when you carry the Matador Mini Pocket Blanket. Although it’s compact and tiny, this system features a massive 44×28 inch blanket once unfolded. When its not in use, the Mini Pocket Blanket folds into itself and measures just three inches long, two inches wide, and an inch thick.

Ignite Impulse Pocket Arclighter 2

Introducing the all new and improved Impulse Pocket Lighter 2! Powered by the latest ArcLighter Technology, the flameless arc is now whisper-quiet yet just as powerful in a great looking compact zinc alloy shell with a ceramic head and rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery. All of this fits in the palm of your hand and your pocket!

Griffin Pocket Multi Tool

Always be prepared to fix anything with the Griffin Pocket Multi-Tool. Packing in an incredible eleven tools into this cleverly compact design, this tool easily attaches to your gear such as your keys or pocket. Measuring just three inches long, .6 inches across, and .2 inches in depth, the Pocket Multi-Tool will remain out of your way until you need it.

Nearbuds Magnetic AirPods Clips

Save your Apple wireless AirPods with Nearbuds for AirPods. Designed specifically for the all-new Apple wireless AirPods, this device uses powerful neodymium magnets to keep them close. The Nearbuds system features one clip for each AirPod as well as an adjustable safety strap. Simply snap them into place and your AirPods will always be nearby.

Cube Ultra Small Bluetooth Speaker

It’s now easier than ever to bring your music everywhere with the Cube Ultra Small Bluetooth Speaker. This delightful device measures just an inch tall so you can truly take it anywhere. Cube may be small but it sure is mighty. The 23mm 2W speaker projects your tunes loudly and proudly to fill your space.

MKC Slim Everyday Carry Wallet

Hold more and carry less when you have the MKC Slim Everyday Carry Wallet. This all-leather wallet has a spot for everything including your money, keys, and cards. The MKC Wallet is modern yet highly function. The key storage section aligns your keys horizontally yet separately. With this, it eliminates jingling keys and scratches.

Identity Vault Digital Password Card

Protect the keys to your digital identity with the Identity Vault Digital Password Card. With weak and re-used passwords being the #1 cause for cybercrime, the Identity Vault is a must for everyone online. This wireless computer generates, manages and protects your password and other personal data.

Zonto Spinnable Smartphone Stand

Extend the functionality of your device with the Zonto Spinnable Smartphone Stand. Attaching to the back of your smartphone, this nifty tool gives your device a lift, literally. The adjusting ring unfolds into a kickstand so you can view your videos, notifications, and more with total ease.

CliQ Smart Wireless Sensor

Turn everyday objects into smart devices with the CliQ Smart Wireless Sensor. CliQ makes it possible for you to interact and communicate with regular objects with a click of a button or quick movement. It allows you to automate, manage, track and improve your life in many different ways.

Fisher Trekker Space Pen

Have confidence in a pen that always works with the Fisher Trekker Space Pen. The Space Pen can function in extreme temperatures, on oily surfaces, and in wet conditions. It can even write under water. Furthermore, it can hang upside down indefinitely yet still function whenever you need it.

Pocket-Size Car Battery Jump Starter and Portable Charger

It might resemble a lot of mobile chargers out there but the JUNOJUMPR is a lot more in disguise. This pocket sized portable charger isn’t just capable to power up your phone or tablet but also your car. It is a beautiful and compact design which can be used to jump-start your car. The 6000 mAh charger is capable of delivering a 12-volt, 300-amp output by using a dedicated port.

Pluto by Earth USB-C Lightning Powerstation

Tidy up your life with the Pluto by Earth USB-C Lightning Powerstation. Elegant and sophisticated, this system finally rids you of carrying excess cables on the go. By combining a USB-C port and a Lightning port, you can easily charge up anywhere you are. However, Pluto by Earth combines a streamlined aesthetic, lightweight design, and incredibly easy access.

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