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iPad stands and mounts that will help you go hands-free

The iPad stands and mounts that will help you go hands-free was originally published on Gadget Flow’s blog.

Owning an Apple tablet opens up a world of opportunities for play and work. With such a versatile touchscreen at your fingertips, you will want to use your hands for interacting with apps. The best iPad stands and mounts provide support, leaving your hands free to get busy. Some are sturdy metal tablet holders, made to live on your desk. Others are foldable and far better suited to being unfurled on the go. A few stands also add features to your iOS workflow. No matter what kind of stand you’re looking for, we have the perfect iPad stands and mounts for everyone.

Proper iPad Pivot Stand Swiveling Tablet Holder

This handsome support mirrors the look of an iMac stand, and it is similarly strong. It also has a useful swiveling head, which lets you rotate your tablet through 180 degrees.

Just Mobile UpStand iPad Desktop Stand

A little lower and more stable, the UpStand is perfect for using your iPad in the kitchen. Rubber grips keep the device locked in, and you can choose between landscape and portrait orientation.

Twelve South Compass Pro Portable iPad Stand

Although the Compass Pro is visually minimal, this stand offers plenty of features. The design offers sturdy support at any angle, and you can mount your iPad both vertically and horizontally.

DraftTable iPad Pro Drafting Stand

If you are a regular Apple Pencil user, this stand is a must-have. The DraftTable uses spring-loaded hinges to hold your iPad Pro at the perfect angle for drawing, digital painting and photo editing.

Slope Micro-Suction iPad Stand

Instead of a shelf, Slope uses micro-suction pads to support your iPad. This means that the screen is completely free, while the brush aluminum stand offers strong support.

Native Union Gripster 360° iPad Case

The Gripster is more than just a stand. The unique 360-degree loop on the back works as a grip and a kickstand. The stand is adjustable, and the built-in Apple Pencil holder is great for artists.

OIO Amp iPad Speaker Stand

If you regularly enjoy movies and music on your iPad, you will love the OIO Amp. This stand has built-in Bluetooth speakers that swing out on hinges to fill the room with sound.

elago P3 Aluminum Smartphone Stand

As a dead-simple, affordable way to support your iPad, the elago P3 works perfectly. You can adjust the angle, but the brushed aluminum is set at a good general-purpose viewing angle.

Nomad Tablet Table

This freestanding table has a wooden top with a slot for your iPad. There’s space on top for an external keyboard, and you can turn your tablet upright or horizontally.

Zen Mount Flexible Universal Device Mount

There are many ways to use Zen Mount, but the iPad mount is one of the best. This flexible arm lets you place your tablet exactly where you need it for reference. It’s a great addition to your desk or kitchen.

iPad stands and mounts

If you are going to buy an iPad, it makes sense to get a tablet holder. There are many iPad stands and mounts to choose from, all offering something different. Think carefully about how you plan to use your tablet before investing.



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